Mizzou Dating Tips

During the spring of 2003, a team of University of Missouri students descended on the Quad in the shadow of the columns to survey female students. They found many interesting tips for dating.


  1. shockye24 says

    Damn, you guys got Michelle Obama up in there! Nice!

  2. OMFG LMFAO!!!

    KU@ OWNED Lmfao way to go. hahhaa

  3. daftjustice85 says

    ne fun men?

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  5. KingofZona says

    If you know the cute one send me her email im gonna mack on her haha

  6. KingofZona says

    I used to go to MU. What these bimbos are trying to say is, if you are semi-intelligent while drunk at a party and can hold an interesting enough conversation to get them back to their dorm room then the chances of getting laid are very good.

  7. hazzeltine says

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  8. Miroku6510 says

    There are women at KU?! Seriously?! Maybe that one thing I saw there WAS a girl. Scary.

  9. LoveIsAllYouNeed3 says


  10. spartan50924 says

    You know why kansas grads put their diploma on their dash board?
    So they can park in handicap parking.

    Seriously the girls at KU and manlier than the boys. jhawk4life probably is owned by his bitch, that is if he has one. He could never get a Mizzou girl because Mizzou girls require brains not an empty space.

  11. jhawk4life says

    why do they hold men to such standards? missouri girls don’t have any of these.

  12. NoelleDenied says

    BS…women do not know really know what they want…they would give out their numer if you know how to ask…

  13. No one said that they were looking for a big slong. I like how one of them said God and a good income. Amazing how christians are so shallow.

  14. nickeleye9 says

    This isn’t on the Quad. It’s in the field by Brady Commons. And weird, I know one of those girls.

  15. lilyyellowluver says

    at 1:08 the microphone is practically touching her boob.

  16. borowskisucks says

    you get no chicks

  17. Alexsy82 says

    so, so true.

  18. are you sure u made this in 03?? Did you use your uncle’s old camera or what? It looks kinda like it was made in the 80s. What video editing device did u use for those words in the questions??

  19. celticboy24 says

    man thats fuckin gay cuz most of that is bull shit. and that fuckhole from kansas should shut his mouth cuz we all know there arent any girls within 100 miles of lawrence. And i get all the chicks!!!!

  20. blackjuice007 says

    im gona do the complete opposite..i tried all of those,,,you girls dont like that,,,that all a trap..

  21. foxryder9995 says

    ok guys just look for the girls ass and sex.

  22. UC7media says

    This is biased against guys. “Oh, lol, all guys look for looks!”

  23. extremewagoneer says

    WOW!!!! all these girls are looking for intelligence, if your living in columbia, then your looking in the wrong place, the smarter people tend to be about a 100 and some miles west of you guys, in Lawrence

  24. pilotoneday29 says

    Right lads…and..women to lets get real! if we listen to this its cuteness, intelligence and relationship to God. Which are all fine…but if the ladies walk into a bar and John Goodman, Stephen Hawkin & Brad Pitt are there we know who’s going to get his D*ck Sucked! 🙂

  25. suckmesidewayz says

    if youd date her ur a fukn weirdo

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