Mischa Barton glamour

After being busted last year for a DUI, Mischa Barton is back on track in Vogue India.

mischa barton

Mischa Barton in Vogue, January 2008

The former ‘The OC’ star, Mischa Barton, talks to Priyanka Khanna in an exclusive interview with Vogue India, about life and style in young Hollywood:

mischa barton glamour

Mischa Barton Glamour pictures in Vogue

  • ‘When I ask Barton what defines her personal style, she muses,
  • “I am more eclectic. I’m influenced by everything – movies, photography, travel.
    I love to pair vintage pieces with current," she says.

Mischa Barton is just beautiful I find, even Mischa Barton in a Bikini. Her look is an easy fusion of Seventies boho and street, you know, flower power, headbands and floral dresses, vintage rock tees, waistcoats and wide-leg jeans.

mischa barton maxim

Mischa Barton Maxim? No! it’s Vogue!

Mischa Barton Photographs by Chris Craymer

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    While I’m away – from next Tuesday – I’m not going to be able to chat to people – and I’m away for 8 weeks.
    Oooo ……. and then I’ve got jury service so that’s going to be difficult as well I suppose. Blimey, it could be ages.
    Anyway don’t forget me ………


  2. @DaddyP

    Looking forward for when you chat back and wishing u a brilliant holiday!

  3. Daniele Zucchi says

    What can I say about Mischa Barton? That she is a beautiful girl and talented actress, even if I haven’t see a movie with her, I am sure she is good

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