Mike Leach’s Tips on Dating

QA on local Texas Tech football show.


  1. getyourexbackforever says

    Let the conversating begin!

  2. keepsitreal0055 says


  3. This guy is so weird. He should have been fired for that alone.

  4. i like mike leach

  5. waitingforspring730 says

    what would mike leach know about dating? his high school sweetheart is still locked in the closet.

  6. CaniacTiLLIDie says

    Well Mike, ECU fans wanted you to come to Greenville and be a real pirate but I guess if we can’t have you we’ll take all your former coach’s which would be the
    2nd best thing. Go Pirates and Wreck em Tech.

  7. Brad88ford says

    Wyoming !! funny that explains everything!!

  8. flippnbricks2o8 says

    Wow…Mike is a perty smart guy. I thought he was going to give a sarcastic answer.

  9. HujuwaLezumuji says

    I watched a woman take a cock balls deep in her bottom at tiny(.)cc/gapingpussy

  10. waystogetyourexback says

    You did it!!! Thank YOu so much I learned a lot!!! Try to watch my video thanks!!!!

  11. Mike Leach- amazing coach even when football is not the subject.

  12. I bought one of those shirts! and im an OU fan

  13. ccg111777 says

    Just lock her in a shed until she’s ready to let you have your way with her.

  14. xboxplaya420 says

    lmfao leach is just being honest

  15. hossmcgee says


  16. nowaveshow says

    I agree. The espn guys clearly screwed him over with some of their coverage. I wish Indiana would hire him. I would love to have ten straight winning seasons and bowl games.

  17. disturbed232 says


  18. slyordie42 says

    computer schemes? haha go shed

  19. mattingly234ever says

    dud is off the fucking chain

  20. felixmendelssohn says


  21. “bizarre looking characters”

    how doesnt love this man?

  22. PhillipH903 says

    team leach!

    i’m not even a Tech fan, but this dude is awesome.

  23. If he didn’t deserve to play for Texas Tech, why did Leach recruit him?? Answer thast dumbass. Also, it’s James, not Jones.
    Also, how in the hell has Tiger been raped by the media? He has raped his family and reputation. He admitted it . How are you smart enough to be able to log on a computer?

  24. mrogers2408 says

    Whats dumb about it, Adam Jones is a liar who didn’t deserve to play for Texas Tech in the first place. He thinks he’s owed something because of who his daddy is. Leach got fired because this kid cried to daddy and it became a national story.

    Tiger Woods has also been raped by the media

  25. that’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard?

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