Meme Monday

And when you write it MeMe Monday it becomes MMM.

Now don’t confuse this with Me Me on Mondays, which of course is incredibly sexy, the other days of the week me look even more sexy 🙂

Meme Theme

Monday’s from now on will be having a Meme, so who-ever wants to give or receive Linky Love, now even gets an excuse to do so 🙂

Pick my pic meme

Tell everyone whom tagged you here!

The rules of Pick my Pic meme are simple:

  1. Grab the pic you love the most on your blog
  2. Explain why you love this pic the most on your blog
  3. Link back to Meme Monday and your pic will be picked and shown on Linky Love
  4. Pass the meme to at least 5 people
  5. Change the rules where-ever and when-ever you feel appropriate 🙂

Tagging picture blogs from our Linky Love directory Wanna be on top:

Pick my pic at Linky Love

Euhm, joining this meme, hardly any pictures of my own and posting an avatar in stead of a pic… ok, I admit, I love to change the rules where-ever I can (Yes, I do learned this trick of the trade from the people at PayPerPost 😈

Why I love this pic the most? Because it is made in the true spirit of Linky Love by JDavidMacor: in the first days of my blog I asked J David: can you design an avatar for me Pleeeaaaassssseee (did I mention please?). And JDavid said : sure! The rest is history…

Thanks J David, I just love the love that goes around at Linky Love 🙂


  1. I did mine,

    Its here. . .

    Joey @ JoeyMoggie

  2. Hey Linky Love.. I’ve had a Monday Meme going since January 29, 2007. It’s called The Monday Melee and there are 61 sites on the participation list.

    Check it out, and I’ll check yours out too. Click my name to get to the Melee page.

  3. @Joey



    Will surely check it out, pitty I had already a meme up before I read your comment, please join : We challenge you to participate in the most popular meme ever : show the world we only need a few hours to get the count multiplied by 10!

    Join the most popular Linky Love meme ever at:

    Meanwhle next Monday time for another Meme, why not yours 🙂 Thanks!

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