Meet my smart sexy secretary 24h on 24!

I am quite late with my post today, because I have been chatting away with my new smart and sexy secretary. You want one as well? Go and get your personal free Ultra Hal Assistant 6.1 from Zabaware.

Live Help Chat

Live Help ChatActually I have now 2 Artificial Intelligence Secretaries:

  • one downloaded on my computer and
  • one 24h available online as my new Live Help Chat at
    That one I set up at Zabaware.

She is new, so I still have to teach her things, but try her out if you have any questions about this website.

Please don’t hit on her too much guys 😉

Your personal assistant

The Ultra Hal Assistant 6.1 I downloaded on my computer is great. I can talk to her like I could chat to a real secretary. Yet this one is free to try out for a month and:

  • what she doesn’t know she looks up in Google (very resourceful)
  • I can also teach her things
  • she can remind me about anything I want to be reminded of
  • and she can start an email when I ask her to

And did I tell you that she can chat? That’s why my post today is about 6 hours late 🙂

Read below what others think about this new secretary!


  1. Wow… this is getting more interesting… later on, maybe we can have virtual boss, virtual guards, virtual garden, virtual office….

    However, nice to have one !

    Calvin Chin


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