Meet Jazmin : Siamese of 15

click meWe said it before: you never know who is typing on the Internet…

This time around we met a senior blogging cat: a royal Siamese by the way from a respectable age of 15.

We found her scratching around our comment box over at our Free tabby kittens blog.

Her royal highness Princess is an ideal match for our cats photographs though, as her human L.S. King is quite a photographer:

siamese cats

Not just a cat, yet a Siamese royal blogging cat!

For all us money maker online: Jazmin doesn’t have a dollar, but she does interview any cat or kitten, even lazy ones 🙂

cat in bed

Jazmin interviews Mikah

And you don’t have to be royalty, even shelter cats have a chance to get an exclusive Jazmin, Siamese of 15 interview. Now that’s pure Linky Love for grabs! 🙂

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