Marina Orlova Interview to request words Here is the rest of the interview


  1. DavidForthoffer says

    The longest word in the English language is ‘smiles’, because there’s a mile between the first letter and the last.

  2. At least she’s using her appeal to teach vocabulary.

  3. @rocksparadox
    Man? you are right! Agree with u. At the first post I’ve just cought u did’t know that Soviet Union does’t exist

  4. yeah… bill O’reilly likes something… and believe me… it’s not words.

  5. Gian2469 says

    wtf is the john kerwin show?

  6. rocksparadox says

    @baamsli So Putin is not scary?
    He could judo chop the head off of our president!
    Okay okay, just kidding, you are democratic too.
    On a more serious note, how much must I pay for an unused avtomat Kalasnikov with 500 rounds?

  7. @Locke147
    we are NOT SOVIET Russia. It’s just Russia!!!

  8. KillimanjaroXD says

    @Clavsicus You are very right. I’m actually interested in learning but sometimes I get caught off guard >.>

  9. Morcridx1 says

    @Clavsicus SO WHAT she’s HOT and have somthing interresting to say which is a lot compared to most beauty bombshells.

  10. BuratinoNY says

    She is HOT!

  11. MrFruityGerry says

    I would like to ask you where “the study of cancer” originaly came from ?. Because I can’t find out anywhere where it comes from ?. Can you please try to explain in detail ?. Thank you very much

  12. Locke147 says

    @ManuelPagami lol /owned

  13. ManuelPagami says


    a trait that sarah palin learned from russia..

  14. sarmenemras says

    “Unsecure about” isn’t it insecure

  15. backtohali says

    hot women have it so easy in life, they never have to work hard a day in their life…I wanna be a stay-at-home husband

  16. Locke147 says

    in soviet russia teachers arent taking advantage of their looks like marina

  17. Cuz she has Animal Magnetism =)

  18. Frenchy7652 says

    @TheMacSecrets OK say Rusin then spell Russian not the same word and this is English and some how I don’t see you learn any thing DUH…DUH…DUH!!!!

  19. TheMacSecrets says

    @Frenchy7652 moron i wanted to learn it duh

  20. WTF ur so damn hot!
    How i wish i had a GF like you hahahahah daydreaming ^^

  21. Frenchy7652 says

    @TheMacSecrets If you looking to spell Russian you miss a two letters I hope your not American or English speaking because Marina is Russian and their are people say she a dumb Russian when fact she know English very well her second language. So if you don’t speak better Russian then she I would not talk because we now know you cannot spell English but Marina can. So who the dumb one here?

  22. Frenchy7652 says

    @gogh2006 What do you mean? What do girls have to do with what she doing!!! Are you saying is dumb because she a lady? Then what is it?

  23. Frenchy7652 says

    @SuperJeffco She smart enough to get over 250 million hits in just a few years I say not bad. Do you know any one that have that I don’t. So your right why do judge a lady for show some skin if she wants to done in good taste. The women of playboy go nude I don’t any judging there Oh that because it done in good taste BS. Marina is not nude as for them being fake that so dumb my sister had it done she was disfigured she is 100% silicone because she had no choice so why do Marina do it don’t

  24. 1Dreamking says

    Marina Orlova for president! =)

  25. @SuperJeffco Agree. Her videos actually are pretty interesting and informative, of course the fact that she looks hot doesn’t hurt.

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