Marie Talks With David D.: A Woman’s Opinion Part 2 (Dating Tips)

David DeAngelo interviews Marie Forleo to get her perspective on today’s dating scene.


  1. TubeFreakJonas says

    @alexzracer2008 – I like what you say about ‘once you are truly confident nothing is ever the same.’ It’s life transformation, not just making a date happen.
    I’d also say Marie’s comments are somewhat helpful to guys who are stuck in the old reality, a place that is not leading to ever being truly confident. So just my 2 cents, that some of this stuff may shed a ray of light for some guys. At any rate many people seeking DYD materials are looking for some basic reality shift.

  2. alexzracer2008 says

    This is kind of dumb because once you are truly confident nothing is ever the same. And you realize that you just used girls to fill in that empty space. So this woman’s opinion is nice but not really helpful.

  3. hendersonn11 says

    hah disagree.

  4. yawn again…

  5. Having a woman’s opinion is so enlightening and important.

  6. Yawn

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