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Blog of the day: Malaysia Newspaper

bangkok thailandMalaysia Newspaper is a blog from a European expatriate living in Malaysia.

Expat stereotypes get flushed

Some have the believe that westerners come to Asia for the sex of it, but we are quite amazed that the expatriate points out to us how Malaysian ministers are promoting sex in their country…: Why Malaysia has better sex than Thailand

Others have the stereotype that the expatriate with a thick beer belly just comes here to marry a cute looking Malaysian girl, yet again this expatriate points out how in Malaysia elderly men marry girls that could be their daughter, even when the girl is the most famous Malaysian Singer: Siti Nurhaliza:

datuk k siti nurhaliza

Siti Nurhaliza Datuk K :
he divorces to marry a girl that could be dating his sons…

News analysis

bersih sausagesMalaysian elections gives you an insight in Malaysian democracy compared with emerging democracies in Europe. Or: how one sausage can get you one vote, and better than that: you don’t need to bribe death voters with sausages…

All in all a very small blog from a static website called Malaysia My Second Home : the Malaysian plan to attract foreign retirees to live there retirement days in hot and sunny Malaysia.

Quite interesting to see that there is even a beautiful tropical dreamhouse for sale!

property malaysia

Malaysian high end property in a secure gated community for sale!



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