Malaysia: join the MY list

It’s all about niche:

  • something different
  • somewhere

Lists are plentiful, see my D-List, so this niche is about "somewhere"

getting all the Malaysian Bloggers on 1 list.

How does the MY-list work?

As explained by Ah Pek in his always impeccable English 😛

You can get the MY List here:

Read the instructions on how to participate, but simply it means you:

  • download the latest list,
  • do a short post or introduction on the List, and
  • paste the whole list in your blog.
  • After you have posted, go back to the same page you got the list and tell Daryl that you have posted using his contact form.
  • Daryl will then add your blog to the list.
  • When the next blogger downloads the list, your blog will be included.
  • After the campaign ends, you get an email from Daryl and all those 200 or more bloggers will post the final list. If your blog is in the list, it means, you will get all the links from these 200 or more blogs.

The lengthy list

Isn’t this a bit ugly Daryl? Never mind, here it comes 😉 Thanks Daryl

Just removed the MY List due to Bobs’ comment, read more at Bobs’ site:

We used to call that linkfarming, so I go for Bob’s 2007 update about this new form of linkfarming.

Please leave a comment if…

  • if you are on the list already
  • if you just put yourself on the list

So we have an idea how effective this MY-list-post is 😉

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  1. i tried it in my blog.

  2. Hi,

    Does that mean we have to stop ? I am a bit confused now. Please let me know.

  3. We are not building a link farm cause that is NOT the objective. If you read Technorati’s reply in Bob’s article, you can list links to specific category and that is fine such as links to blog you read as they said. In our case is we are featuring links to our fellow Malaysian blogs.

    Secondly as 5xmom puts it best, our primary goal is to show unity among Malaysian bloggers and if you look around the list of blogs, you will find SEO experts involved as well. I would say they would be the first to sound the alarm if this will get any of us in trouble don’t you agree?

    At the end of the day, everyone are invited to join on their own free will and if you do not feel comfortable, then its alright.


  4. I will stop, and if you follow my “lead by example” then stop too.

    All is not lost: there is the MY-List with 200 people on it, eager to exchange links.

    I suggest have a look at them 1 by 1 and ask for a link-exchange if you like what you see.

    Bit more work but in the true spirit of giving your readers quality links.

    Like I said when I posted the links for 10 minutes… It looks quite ugly, I was not only referring to the real look, but to the feel of it.

    Its a free world and there are no rules, so “do what you think is the right thing to do”, that always works for President Bush 🙂

  5. Daryl, I know the objective is not making a linkfarm, I know the objective is getting all Malaysian bloggers together.

    Therefor I would find it perfectly ok that the list exist outside your blog and I can download the list.

    I would encourage every Malaysian to get on that list, I don’t encourage to put the list inside a post just like that.

    I know you wil defend your idea, and I can imagine you feel fine when other SEO people say all is fine.

    Yet Bob says it is not so fine and I myself have the same feeling (for me SEO is both science and art, and this doesn’t feel like art).

    Summarized: leave the list on your site Daryl, that is enormous linkbait for you, and we can just have a look for people we like to exchange links with or write reviews about. What say you?

  6. Hi! All this linking is very confusing to a fellow like me who know nut about internet. However I am very interested to know more about money making part. BTW I got to know u through hoping to know /learn french love. Have a nice day.

  7. Yes go ahead and write to the respective blogger you would like to exchange links with or even perhaps exchanging reviews. I’m sticking with MyList cause when the few of us started it, linkfarm and whatever was not an objective and it still isn’t. I only dwell in it cause of those who raised it up and just wanted to clarify the position of MyList.

    Anyways have a great day ahead and happy linking!


  8. oh oh.. did i just started something here. hehehee…

    to each his need from each his power lah.

  9. I agree with Daryl when he says all is to bring malaysian bloggers together.
    If Technorati doesn’t like that, then they are also free to react as they wish. If they keep quiet, all is ok 🙂

    Personally I saw what happened to Tino Bunting and Technorati, so what ever happens: Daryl will win 1 way or another!

    Ah Pek : not yet died b4 or what! 😛

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