Malaysia 2010 : not even half on track towards vision 2020

Malaysia Chinese New year 2010

Is the modern day Malaysian enjoying his more than 50 years of independence or is there no difference between today’s rule and the colonial rule of 50 years ago?

If you are twice my age, you most likely speak better English than me and after school you enjoyed fun and games or worked hard to keep your parents business afloat.

If you are my age, I hope your English is better than mine and I am sure you hardly has any time for fun nor work because you had to enroll in 1001 after school tuitions. Most likely I spend more time following tuition than going to regular school.

Now we all know that there are 2 ways to make it to the top: work hard or work smart. But how do you expect a modern Malaysian to work smart these days when the Malaysian school system doesn’t help him out? If education was good, why would there be tuition and why would people work hard to send their kids overseas?

Why? Because:

Knowledge is power

enough is enoughPower has been in the hands of 1 political party in Malaysia and Malaysians now see their most beautiful Asian country going through the gutter. Saiful’s sodomy gutter is just a tip of the gutter iceberg. How long do we need to digest this Saiful’s sodomy so called trial where the media can’t even report what is said in court?

Democracy isn’t successful in regions where people are poor, lacking food and education. When people want to do anything for a bowl of rice, you create a scenario for disaster. So what is done to give Malaysians better education? You tell me. What is done for all Malaysians to get out of the global economical crisis? You tell me.

1 Malaysia can only work if people are prosperous, smart and guided in a direction that is a win win for all Malaysians, not the ones sitting in power without having a clue how they are going to reach vision 2020. Because do we really know what Dr. Tun envisioned when he talked about 2020? Was he referring to a date in time or was he referring to his eye doctor’s 20/20 results?

Wishing everybody a healthy, wealthy and prosperous Chinese new year!

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