Make your site useful!

This should be a no-brainer:

show clearly what you want to show!

  • If you have a coffee shop or a restaurant: show a menu card!
  • If your site sells something, make sure people can find the BUY button.
  • If your site is about money and link exchange like mine, then show the money and the link exchange on top

So consider that done for my site on the right top, I knew I needed 4 columns 😉

yet all comments to do it better are most welcome!
(or tell my smart, sexy secretary)


  1. I forget how I get here but just a quicky msg for you. We have the same theme! LOL. But don’t you think that you are playing too many ads which shows up a bit messy around. Anyway, just a comment. Cheers.

  2. Hi Kenny, you forgot to add me in your list of 70 most popular Bloggers in Malaysia! I suggest you now write a post about me: the 71st popular 1!

    I do need to read your adsense tweak tips, but what do others think about the ads?

    Don’t forget to review me 🙂

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