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Blog of the day: Arthritis treatments

green lipped musselsIt’s Make Money Monday and we give you a "think out of the box" example of how to make money on the Internet.

Did you ever think somebody would have a website about Green lipped mussels? Well, if you know green lipped mussels, sure you would expect a website like this.

Otherwise you would say: hey, never thought about that, how do they do it?

How to find a niche subject

How do you find a subject that other people don’t think about? Easy: you have to focus your eyes and ears on all you can see around you and ask yourself: what am I overlooking that could make a good subject for a website?

Just do your every day grocery shopping in a bigger supermarket: which things you never bought? Those are the things that you are most likely overlooking.

Green lipped mussels is one of those subjects:

  • yes green lipped mussels exist in our supermarkets,
  • no I never paid attention to green lipped mussels before now.

Then you have to ask yourself: is my niche subject able to make money? Well, that’s were marketing and research come into place…

In these days, marketing and research is made very easy : just google your subject: if it gives you ads, most likely it has commercial value.

So what comes up when I google green lipped mussels? Arthritis treatments

joint care

Joint care at Arthritis treatments

There you go: a niche market with high commercial value!

All you have to do is monetize it: in this case Arthritis treatments opted for ads with a so called Adsense ready WordPress theme. Looks good to me, but I would have liked more Arthritis treatments than the few mentioned on that site.

But as an example of how to make money on the Internet with a niche site, it shows that finding a niche has to do with:

  • looking around in your every day life "with different eyes"
  • looking things up in Google

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