Make money online monthly earnings

Monthly earnings month 12

Linky Love is one year old already, and the last month of the first year we made $148.12.

This month we made the most money using Bidvertiser.

We made a total of $3062.7 in 1 year blogging 🙂

$ 3063.9 total earnings

Breakdown Earnings Month 12

  • ConTextual ads:

How to find niche websites?

I used to look for 1 day manually for niche websites:

  • type in a keyword in Overture Keyword Selector and
  • choose those keyword phrases that don’t give many results in Google

After 1 day of looking I found :

Gwen Stefani Clothes making 15.05$ after a few months only

Now I use an automated Keyword Selector Tool that comes free when you buy Atomic Blogging.

After 10 minutes of running the program I found :

Needless to say I went overboard with Atomic Blogging and have now 100 niche domain-names ready to monetize… Small detail: when am I going to find time to do all this? Maybe I should just re-sell the domain-names…


Why is a site attracting so much visitors only making $3000 a year? We will explain in detail in our next post on Monday.

The main problem is this:

one leg

We started running on 1 leg…

Our fundamentals are handicapped. Remember when I said:

  1. you need to start blogging about your passion…

That’s unfortunately only half of the fundament, which I only came to find out after 1 year trying my best and working hard.

So what’s a better start?

2 legs

Starting off with 2 legs:

2 fundamentals of making a blog to make money on the Internet:

  • write about your passion
  • know how to monetize you passion BEFORE you even start writing

I mean: if you want to rush and start running like the girls above, but wearing high heels in stead of running shoes… it’s all going to be painful sooner or later.

Ok, now you say: so how to know how to monetize you passion? That we will tackle next week.

Linky Love’s future

So we started running on one leg. Now we have to figure out for ourselves:

  • do I put on a prosthetic leg and learn how to run with it or
  • do I start all over again with 2 healthy legs and the best sport shoes ever?

Most likely we will do both so you can see for yourself which option it easier in the process of making money online.

If something is not well explained in this post or on this blog, please ask in a comment!

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