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If you don’t know Paula Mooney, then it is time you should: she is a great example making money on the Internet with smart methods like her favorite:

Paulas new list of blogger salaries

You will find yours truly Linky Love at place 112 and partner Jay at spot 98 🙂

Thanks Paula!!!!!

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  1. Witch prg do you use to make favicons?

  2. IconoMaker, Freeware 🙂

    Why you don’t add my Linky Love button on your site, so I can link to you?

    And …

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  3. congratulation to be on the list of blogger salaries.

  4. Thanks for the double linky love, link love.


  5. @Newopps: you need to show your earnings and give lot’s of linky love to Paula’s New List, and before you know it, you will rank higher than me!

    @Paula:Only double Linky Love, make that 3 now, more to come at your next list update for sure! The pleasure is all mine, THANKS!

  6. @Newopps and @Paula:

    Why don’t you

    Join the favicon matrix!


    If you want , I can make a favicon for you, all free of course 🙂

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