Make money on the Internet with Zazzle or lets you design your own T-Shirts, Cards, Postage, Posters, Mugs, Hats, Aprons, Bags, Bumper Stickers, Buttons, Calendars and Keychains.

Your product will then be online for people to buy in your own shop on the 2 above websites. Nothing stops you from promoting your goods on your own website though.

This way of selling goods is called "print on demand", meaning; as soon as somebody places an order, the ordered good will be printed. Talking about progressive JIT management.

Finally Zazzle understood the key to Cafepress’ success: Zazzle used to give you a fixed profit where Cafepress gives you the difference between your asking price and their fixed production price. Now you can do the same at Zazzle, what makes them finally a nice competitor to the monopoly that Cafepress was having.

To be complete: there is also very small player but there you can only design T-shirts, cutting boards and coasters.

Zazzle-Cafepress: advantages and disadvantages for making money online

The advantage is that you can start selling products, without having to store them not having to crack your brains how to manufacture them in the first place.

The disadvantage is when you are as little creative as I am, I never managed to sell any of my T-shirts.
Maybe my subject "how to get rid of chipmunks" was not really consumer friendly 😈

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