Make money on the Internet spring cleaning

You have a great blog, lots of good content, some fun and a posse of regular visitors and commentators, and yet you are not making lots of money? Then you need to go back to basics and evaluate your blog!

Since last month we only earned about 300$, (Month 9: $ 288.56) it’s getting time to brush things up a bit.

Evaluation and TODO list needed:

CASESTUDY: Evaluation end February…

How do we make money on the Internet

  • Contextual Advertisements
  • Writing reviews for money
  • What did we forget?
    • sponsorship
    • text link ads
    • affiliate marketing

How to improve contextual advertisement earnings?

  1. sexy secretary in stockingsmake sure that a user clicks on an advertising link, not any link
    TODO: get rid of all these links on the frontpage that are not earning any money
  2. make sure that your contextual ads are having a nice payout
    TODO: heoretically use Google Adwords and see which ads pay well, then attract those ads on your website.
    Practically: don’t ramble around like I do about Charlène Vanneste if you write a blog about how to make money online. A French subject like Charlène Vanneste should go on my French blog...
    If you ramble about anything and everything, you could end up with a high visitors count, yet a very low payment of the advertising you are showing.
    Stick to 1 topic where the ads are well paid and you have lot’s of things to say about.
  3. attract more visitors
    TODO: source new visitors with new SEO ideas, marketing ideas, communities… don’t just do what you are doing now
    (quite vague, best thing is to go and read other blogs and get new, fresh ideas! : step out of your comfortzone!)

How to improve writing reviews for money?

You need to improve your blog according to the guidelines given by any of the paid to blog services.

  • Personally I am very disappointed with PayPerPost having a RealRank 1 didn’t give me any big opportunity.
  • Blogsvertise and Smorty still rely on PageRank, which for a blog with a high amount of visitors like mine, I love ReviewMe and SponsoredReviews.

Yet, last month there was no money coming in from any of these blogging for money services, so :

TODO: Something needs to be changed, yet I don’t know what, all input is welcome!

How to improve What we forgot?

Again: go to other sites and see what they are doing when it comes to making money online.

1. Sponsorship

By now you must be familiar with the 125×125 image sponsorships like the one on the right : where to find the best smoothies: click on the smoothie image!

TODO: find out:

  • where to find these sponsors
  • what kind of website do they advertise on

2. Text Link Ads

We do have Google approved Text Link Ads that doesn’t bring anybodies PageRank down. To make more money with it:


  • advertise on my site that this is a good way for you to advertise your site!
  • increase the price

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Looking for other alternatives like the good old Text link Ads and Linkworth is another possibility, yet it is said that Text Link Ads will kill your PageRank (and the lower your PageRank, the lesser people will want to use your site to put Text Link Ads… it’s a self killing prophecy…)

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing works fine on my French Swear Words blog, selling the best online French course out there!

At Linky Love affiliate marketing is not taking off yet, so:


  • get rid of affiliates that don’t work on your site
  • try new affiliates until it works
  • read about how to make money online using affiliate marketing

4. …… and we forgot…

  • How to let advertisers know why they need your site to advertise on!
  • how to attract visitors with Adwords to make money on the Internet
  • sell bannerspace

Antarctica Cruises

  • write and sell an ebook
  • sell your own stuff
  • sell stuff (T-shirts)
  • ebay and auctionads
  • get a contest going to attract prizes (money) and new visitors
  • … think until you get a jolly brilliant idea …
  • read and ask input from others!

Please leave a comment with your inputs what else we can do to make money online?

What’s in it for you? Link Love from me of course!

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