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I got an email today (see below) inviting me to sign up for free and get $15.


It’s a site like ClickBank, but better when it comes to earnings!

When did ClickBank ever give you anything for free? Not to mention ClickBank’s deduction of $5 every 2 weeks you aren’t making another sale…


How can they be so generous?




Now I bet you also once made a bet and you dream of making lots of money: so why selling eggs and getting peanuts when you can sell male enhancing products and earn big money?


3 interesting products you can affiliate for


What’s great is that they teach you how to become a good affiliate. And of course they have some free tools for you to use.


  • MoreNiche itself of course: you get an easy $20 for every sign up + 5% of their future earnings
  • Making you richer: that works on every make money online site 🙂
  • Aloe Vera extract : I use Aloe Vera myself: it’s much cheaper than any moisturizer and it works better! And it has benefits for men as well: everybody can use this product.


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This is the email I got after I signed up:


To welcome you on board we have awarded a bonus to your account for signing up to MoreNiche.

BONUS : $15.00  


The email that lured me in signing up 🙂


Hey LL, your sis has invited you to join the MoreNiche network.


I have discovered a great program that offers all the tools and materials you will need to make easy money online.


I signed up today and I’m really impressed with the resources and tools they give, it’s so easy to make money with them.


You can sign up too, here’s the link: Join and make instant $15


They are giving away up to 45$ for new signups as bonuses!


… Eh, $45, seems I need to logon again and grab the extra $30 🙂