Madonna loves Sandra Oh loves Edison Chen loves hard candy

Find out what’s the common sexy link between Edison Chen, Sandra Oh and Madonna…

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What has Madonna in common with Sandra Oh?

Sandra ohIf you ever wanted to be sure if Sandra Oh from Grey’s Anatomy is a lesbian? … Well… this post is as close as you will get, and trust me: it’s a long shot.

Ok, her divorce between Sideways’ writer-director Alexander Payne is already 4 months in.

But does this automatically lead to the connection between Madonna and Sandra? Well, once you see Sandra’s hot and steamy sexy show in Sideways… Madonna looks like well… like a virgin…

Hard Candy

But it’s with Hard Candy that these 2 celebrities tie the knot.

sandra oh

Sandra Oh’s hard candy?

madonna hard candySandra played in the movie called Hard Candy and Madonna just announced that her new album will be called… Hard candy.

Talking about original picture themes… : if it’s red, put it in your mouth… sounds like Adam and Eve…
Marketing uses deeply rooted human desires!

Hard Candy Edison Chen

After the Edison Chen Scandal which still didn’t end after the latest Jolin Tsai Edison pics, you should all buy the DVD Hard Candy. What’s Hard Candy about?

Well, the movie starts with a striking resemblance to the Edison Chen case:

Hayley Stark’s a smart, charming teenage girl… But like Gillian Chung says "I was silly and naive…", also Hayley Stark is about to make mistakes…

hard candyShe’s hooking up in a coffee shop with Jeff Kohlver whom she met on the Internet. Although he’s a cute, smooth high-end fashion photographer (ok, we admit, Edison Chen is more like a smut photographer…) in his early 30s, Hayley shouldn’t be suggesting that the two of them go back to his house alone.

When they get there, Hayley quickly finds some vodka and starts mixing screwdrivers.

She even suggests a photo shoot and strips off some clothing. Everything is going well for Jeff… (Like everything was going well with Chen, until his pictures came out…)

… everything is going well for Jeff… until his vision blurs and fades, and he passes out.

Hayley has spiked Jeff’s screwdriver, and when he revives, he’s tied down with Hayley searching through his place.

She doesn’t think it’ll take too long to get a confession that she’s not the first teenage girl Jeff’s brought home (Like Edison brought home Vincy Yeung when she was 16, Bobo Chan, Cecilia Cheung ….when they were all silly and naive…)

What happens next never happened to Edison Chen, and it quite horrific…

Summarized: Hard Candy has been good to Sandra Oh, will be good for Madonna and should have been done with Edison Chen.

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