Love phrases in French

love phrases in FrenchWhy do I rank high for "love phrases in French"? Actually the honours should go to a real French site like yours truly’s Learn French site.

So how did I manage to rank high for love phrases in French even when I never mentioned it anywhere in my blog?

The real power of Linky Love

The answer is simple: it’s all in the power of directories! And in this case study: my Toplist Directory:

  • is quite popular when it comes to daily visitors
  • mentions the keyphrase "love phrases in French"

And there I am, ranking 12 thanks to giving and receiving links: that’s the true power of Linky Love!

Love Phrases In French

Linky Love’s ranking for love phrases in French: 12!

Rank higher with spreading your Linky Love

Now that my secret is out, start giving people some linky love for topics you cover AND want to rank high in!

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  1. Isn’t that ……. err erm ………… cheating? and also, what’s the point? I really don’t understand but you know I’m stoooooopid. Why you want to be engaged to me is a mystery as well. Still, I’ll count my blessings – it won’t take long.

  2. @DaddyP

    Because you promised to Meme Me 🙂

    Now what part of cheating wasn’t explained well?

    Welcome in the world of the search engines DaddyP 🙂

    The advantage what I didn’t explain yet is that with 1 article submitted in 1 big directory you can rank in the search engine number 1. Try that with your own new blog… impossible!

  3. congrats linkylove, keep it up 😀

  4. @vangardx

    Thanks and you bet I will keep it going up all the way!

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