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  1. 5tonyvvvv says

    First of all dating sucks, because when you try, you get turned down. You say something nice and they think you are just trying to get in bed with them. They are lonely and you are lonely but they don’t admit it, and have their friends to back up that claim. They don’t seem to realize at that moment in time, that they will soon be by themselves again with their dog or cat again for the next consecutive month.

  2. waystogetyourexback says

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  3. wwebrawler2 says

    i am very nerves talking to a girl who have a crush on what shall i do

  4. theowlsofouterheaven says

    are you serious!? you dont know!? okay they have boobs so they can breast feed thats why they have milk in their boobs so they can feed their babys hoped this answered your question.

  5. marysinger83 says

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  7. why did god make boobs on girls.

    so men have something to look at when there talking to u

  8. isanyusernameleft says

    well i really dont know what tipe of girls u go out with or what u do to scare them that much but not all the girls in this world aare that way, im a girl and i really dont consider myself a bitch and i knnow people that really know me dont consider me one ether, so please dont generalize

  9. dexter6979 says

    cmeduck u are a fucken moron…go take a cold shower and put yourself in a washing machine and then start all over..u cant appreciate somthing for free..they didnt ask for you to watch the video, they doing you a favor , and a favor doesn’t need to be taken. we say in hungarian dont check out the teeth of your birthday horse. you are not that social kinda person are you?

  10. jesse07civicsi says

    girls r bitches there so fucked up n e more pretty much they say i dont know u get away from me

  11. shadowlincroft says

    Ha like these tips would help out everyone LOL

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  14. lisasummings says

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  15. PartizanFTW says

    Cmeduck, they are making this video on their own time, you are not paying them, so if you have a comment like that, keep it to yourself. It is just plain rude.

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  19. You guys need to rewatch this show that you produced. Take a stopwatch and every time you feel like you’re wasting our time by fiddling through cards or staring off at your computer not giving us advice click your stopwatch. I’m sure you’d be amazed that you could have reduced this video down to 15 minutes and still given the same amount of adviced if you would have prepared better and made it more efficient.

  20. martel1984 says

    Dude do you know you have a bold spot on the top of your head.

  21. suzukiz400rider says

    well as long as its legal, you’ll be fine. its all in a matter of wether you like her or not. if she is some one you can be with or if u are just dating her because she is easy to get and you know that she likes you. in this case it is more of your jugement. you can always say that you want to wait till she is older and then she if she is availiable after she goes to college(if she goes to college) and then take it from there. i hope i was able to help ya some!

  22. papsndanik says

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  23. she sounds drunk

  24. binoyrakesh says

    the easiest way to tell for sure if she is interested is when she touches you excessively when youre in a group with other women(even her friends), it means that she is trying to tell everyone that youre kinda close to her or youre “taken”.

    but if you sense that she is trying to rally and brag about one of her friends who is very nice according to her and that friend of hers says things like “he is so cute” about you, then chances are high that she is trying to help her friend get you.

  25. binoyrakesh says

    did her friend tell her that you look attractive, and then she tells you that.. if this is the case, chances are, she isn’t all that interested in you. may be she is just comfortable with you.

    If she told you about that comment of her friend with a little giggle, she might be treating you as just a good friend.

    although this is likely, cant be sure. but i can tell you one thing, if she acted kinda close to you in front of her friends, like touching etc, she is definitely interested.

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