LinkyLove vs Susan Trackback Contest!

The Battle between Linky Love and Susan from is on:

Who gets 50 trackbacks first?

How to participate

** Copy/paste this or be more creative 🙂 **

In your blog you write a post about "LinkyLove vs Susan Trackback Contest!" including:

** End Copy/paste **

What is a Trackback?

Track-back: go back, like trackers and hunters going back to the origin, this time the blog where all started…

post this trackback

Trackbacks are those […] […] comments you sometimes see in your blog.

How do they get there?

  • Another blogger reads your blog
  • he finds 1 post so interesting that
  • he writes about it in his blog. Like in schooldays with proper reference to the originating author:
    • link to the main blog
    • link to the exact page
    • (if his blogs allows it: adding the trackback URL or URL of the original post)

Then after some minutes or hours,
a […] ——– […] comment shows up in the original blog

In this sentence with the link at the end: I trackback to Susan’s Do Follow Pingback challenge

Advantages of trackbacks

Take Susan and me:

  • I am communicating with Susan on my blog:
    • so YOU have something to read HERE
    • SUSAN has something to read on HER BLOG
      nd she will now know she has been officially challenged!
  • both Susan and me have Do-Follow SEO friendly comments (Read more about it in How to join the D-List): we gain extra links just by trackbacking to each other

Trackback to me please!

Trackback to’s : LinkyLove vs Susan Trackback Contest

This post tracks back to Susan, giving her 1 extra Trackback (Susan 3 – 0 Linky Love).

Please return the good Karma and trackback to me!

What’s in it for you?

3 things:

1. All my Linky Love 🙂

2. An extra link from my blog to yours through your trackback effort.

3. For all the geeks out there or anybody who can explain trackbacks better than me:

please add in your LinkyLove vs Susan Trackback Contest
the exact Trackback definition and
how to do Trackbacks

your best post will be featured in my blog after I have beaten Susan!
(only 50 more Trackbacks needed!)

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  1. Oh wow I didn’t realize that I had been challenged 🙂 I will have to get moving then ! Great idea!

  2. Great to see that my trackback reached you 🙂 now we only need to track our score 🙂

    Everybody track me back please 🙂

  3. is this a joke?

  4. What would be the joke Darren?

    It is more like good fun 🙂

    So please track back this post.


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