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Why you want a link to Linky Love? Because Linky Love is hot 😳 :

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How to review Linky Love

It’s simple: write a short review:

After you made your review, e-mail me at daza88 [at] yahoo [dot] com with :

  • subject: Linky Love Review
  • the link of your review and
  • the anchor text that you want me to put linking to your blog’s homepage.

Please write an honest review with all the feedback you can fire on me! (I am a big girl so no need to use syrup… I prefer diamonds anyway…)

If you never wrote a review before then write between 100 and 200 words about:

  • what am I actually doing on this Linky Love website?
  • why should anybody else visit Linky Love?
  • Linky Love design
  • Linky Love content and
  • conclusion

Example of what I am looking for:

If you are a more creative writer than me: let your juices flow πŸ™‚


  1. Nice site. Highly recommended

  2. Hello. this is a site that i recommend. Linky Love check it out today

  3. Great Sean, read my comment on your blog! Would love to have you as a guestblogger and of course giving the link back to your blog!

  4. Jon was first at:

    who is next to review my site?

  5. Meanwhile I have a total of 4 reviews,

    who-ever writes the 5th review will be instantly online!

  6. nice one, so is this contest still available?

  7. @Louiss:

    Yes, the contest is still available (and at least for the next 25 years to come! πŸ™‚ )

    Looking forward for your review!

  8. Do you accept reviews in spanish?? I wanna write about you but my blog is spanish.

  9. @Fabian

    Me encantaria leer su review en espanol!

    Gracias de antemano πŸ™‚

  10. Got your button and the review is coming up tomorrow. I’m totally bushed (tired) now from my slumber party post marathon this evening or I’d get it done right now. At 3:22 am though, I’m afraid the review might be just a lot of babble.

    A new day = a fresh mind to write a fracas-quality review.

    Thanks for the opportunity! See you soon.

  11. @fracas

    It’s sunday 2moro, so don’t tire u out like on ur slumber party post (if u can rite a review about me like that… That’s kind of longer than my entire blog :-). )

  12. @Shawn

    Welcome and feel free to come back and leave more comments or even beter: write us a guestpost since you are quite a knowledgeable blogger!

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  14. @Indiaequityinvestor

    That’s a good review to become blog of the day. The review we are talking about here is about my blog πŸ™‚

  15. Hi! it’s me again! this is my personal blog and i’ve just added you here as well! thanks! πŸ™‚

  16. @mae

    You have been linked πŸ™‚

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