Linky Love Misses Daddy P!

Who’s your daddy…!

Misses like in missing a train… I took a plain (plane?) because I had figured out where daddy P was staying (ok, the Pica-Pica name of the bar gave it away…), ready to reveal the real face of Daddy P (or so I expect that to be under that cardboard), but oh, my dear, seems I missed daddy P by only a few seconds… (the barman was still standing there with the same cup of coffee, but a different, may I say better view, go figure…).

Never mind, I opened my double-Mac, which I won once in a Mac Donald’s Win a T-shirt or a Double Mac Contest (not to mention my double-sized feet, don’t look, don’t look!) to inform all of you that I am hot (not having the hots for mind you): I am hot on Daddy P’s track, as I can smell his blue T-shirt lingering closely…

linky love misses Daddy P

For those who aren’t quite following my ordeal, have a visit here

Ok, and all this has nothing to do with the tags below… but I wanted all of you to know who’s my daddy!

It’s unbelievable to what extend
people go these days
showing off the Linky Love avatar!

If you have seen the Linky Love avatar somewhere nearby you, please leave a comment with link to the picture!


  1. My, my… you do have here a huge collection of links. 🙂 But most importantly, you have good entries, like this one, that make the journey even more fun. 🙂

  2. @Mig

    If you want to advertise for your website, it’s much more effective to tip $10 and get your instant link on top of my entire site!

  3. Ha ha, I’m connected! Not to the real world of course.

    I only just missed you, what a shame. Perhaps we’ll meet somewhere else.

    Thanks Linky XXX

  4. @DaddyP

    Well, these days your where-abouts are difficult to track DaddyP, but I will keep on trying to get my personal gift delivered personally (that’s most likely why it’s called personal I guess…).

    Meanwhile, send over the diamond!

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