Linky Love elfs herself, do you elfyouself?

Elfyouself as in Elf Yous Elf?


Elfyouself… Elf Yous Elf ? Actually it’s : ElfYourSelf!

ElfYourSelf: your best new year greeting card ever

OfficeMax’s is One of the Hottest Holiday Web Greeting cards of this moment: more than 65 million visitors have created more than 41 million elves to date since the site launched in mid November.

You can upload up to 4 faces, stick them on the elves, personalize the text and send your greetings worldwide!



Elfyourself : add up to 4 faces and send the worlds most funny greeting card now!

Elfyourself youtube

Elfyourself youtube:
make your own Elfyourself youtube video in no time and
become famous at youtube!

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