Linky Love, bragging rights and Zoey Zane dangers

Linky Love bragging rights

Since last week the fresh visitors has been poring in big time at Linky Love, which makes us listing quite high on different rankings.

For independent comparisons: add your link to our very own Linky Love Toplist and become blog of the weekend!

PayPerPost RealRank 23

RealRank 23 at PayPerPost

realrank payperpost

Ranking 1 at Topblogarea

Topblogarea top ranking

Ranking 2 at Blogflux topsites

topsites blogflux ranking high


Ranking 2 at Blogtoplist

blogtoplist ranking high


Attracting visitors unfortunately is not at all about "The best content is King" …

Attracting visitors at McDonalds unfortunately is not at all about "The best hamburger is King"…

Special thanks to…

Special thanks to all the people that have been supporting me and Linky Love to name a few:

  • JDavid for designing the Linky Love logo
  • TheThinkingBlog for designing the Linky Love favicon
  • JoeyMoggie for showing that :
    • your cat should be part of your blog and
    • you don’t have to update your blog for 2 months and still have a lot of visitors
  • Fracas for showing how to attract lots of visitors
  • Paula Mooney for explaining clearly how you need to use Google to attract lots of visitors
  • DaddyP for showing that blogging has to be fun in order to be good
  • ThePinkC for showing that hard work pays off

Again thanks all not mentioned here as well, without you Linky Love wouldn’t be around 🙂

The Zoey Zane danger

Adolescents like Zoey Zane are as we have seen now quite vulnerable: they are in a stage of their life where they are easily influenced for the good or the bad, in this case for the bad.

Linky Love is an adolescent blog, meaning we are 7 months in: not talking big earnings yet being able to have some of the above bragging rights.

What is the direction of an adolescent? To choose a new focused direction in life.

Same with the Linky love blog: it’s time we start focusing! Like Fracas said in her own words: Linky Love is fraccing around at this moment, but she will find her way soon…

Well, we are still on our path to earn money on the Internet and the journey will continue 🙂

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  1. Congrats, Linky! You have surpassed me in the blogosphere! I now sit at your feet, hoping to get any tidbits of wisdom I can from you!

    *throws roses*

  2. @Ellie

    Throw dollars please 🙂

    Thanks Ellie, yet my wisdom is like yours: work extremely hard 🙂

    And I will nicely go to your blog in order to get more wisdom on how smartly you convert your hard work in hard earned money!

    And: looking for more FUN in the blogosphere 🙂

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