Linky Love beats John Chow : Make Money Online

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Linky Love‘s never outspoken goal was to beat Mr John Chow in his own bragging game: ranking high in the search engine for the keyword phrase "Make Money Online".

As by today, me and John Chow rank on the same Google page, be it

Linky Love ranks 4 places higher than John Chow

make money online

Make Money Online :
Linky Love ranks 4 places higher than John Chow
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It’s earnings that counts

After 9 months of Linky Love, we still don’t rank number 1 for Make Money Online, for the same reason John Chow isn’t ranking number one either: just because Google doesn’t like what we are doing.

Anyway, after 9 months of trying and having been on the first SERP when John Chow was ranking number 1, I quit the game that nobody knew about. If you know Sally Chow, you know that there are much more important things in life than beating people with similar names…

John Chow

Nevertheless I love John Chow (not like his wife loves him of course…) as I equally love the evil John Chow 😈 .

His blog most likely makes about 100 times more money than mine and his Review Me price is 7.5 times more than mine.

John ChoW Wednesday

Ever wondered why I never gave a name to Wednesday where the rest of the days are covered like so:

Weekly Features:

  • Make Money Monday,
  • Pets Tuesday,
  • ??? Wednesday,
  • Gossip Thursday,
  • Blog Better SEO Friday and
  • Blog of the Weekend.

Because I was waiting to beat John Chow, and take it from there. Yet I hate waiting 🙂

So from now on we will make Wednesday a John ChoW Wednesday and summarize a bit what he has been saying about SEO, Internet marketing or Making money online without the miscellaneous ramblings about sweet Sally and the sort…

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