Linky Love at its best!

Thanks to all of you!!!!

Another batch of Linky Lovers linking to me and 1 great feedback review. Seems I had way to much advertisement, so I got rid of a few. Please leave a comment if you think it’s still too much or how I can improve the layout?

Daily Linky Love

  • Legitimate Work From Home Jobs Blog
    • Using the Adsense SEO WordPress Template…
    • here I would say: way too much advertisement!(see, I also have my advertisement limits…). But have a look yourself and come back to leave a comment what your opinion is.
    • how did you implement the "read further", as the more feature doesn’t seem to work in my WordPress Template.
  • Gold RushinÒ€ℒ
    • Wow, did you really get a link back from "evil" John Chow?
  • Games and Anime
    • lovely rate-icons under each post
    • anime; so it’s a pleasure for your viewing as they always say on Malaysia TV
  • Post 4 Post!!
    • has some common features like Creamaid and TheNewsRoom, and
    • seems to have received the Agloco viewbar 2 days ago? (Don’t ask me, as “me no do” Agloco)
  • The Appalachian Aristocrat
    • If you don’t know where Appalachia is, now you know…
    • Hiding how she is blogging for money, so need to ask her secret soon πŸ™‚
  • linkrambler
    • Read more in the next paragraph!
  • To Blog or not to Blog
    • Feels like I found a soulmate, soulblog that is πŸ™‚

We all need love

So it says at the linkrambler and I fully agree πŸ™‚

A great review about Linky Love, great in the sense that I get some feedback to improve my advertising on my blog. If you have a new blog with ads, I recommend you read further at we all need love.


  1. Thanks for the link love .
    Keep up the Great Work!!!

  2. Hey Linky, what happened to your sidebar?? In your rush to remove ads, your right-hand sidebar seems to have slipped to the bottom of the page.. this is in IE6 – I will try IE7 when I get home to my own PC…
    just checked and ‘works OK in Firefox though…

  3. Thanks for pointing that out Jay!!!! Should be all back to normal now πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Linky Love – I have put your banner on my site. Can you please link back to my blog

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