Are we really making money online?

Today we at Linky Love will evaluate our own website…

We are bragging about How to make money on the Internet and How to make money online. But are we?

Wake up call

wake up call

Linky Love’s wake up call from snowball of blogs

I was quoted in "snowball of blogs like so":

The original "Linky Love" site seems fairly unenlightened – "Add your link to make money online." – and sounds almost like a pyramid scheme of some sort. Well, I’m not sure if I’m gonna suddenly get rich by participating in this…

Does adding your link make you money?

sexy secretaryDoes adding a secretary make you money? Well, if she just sits there being sexy, hell no she won’t bring you any extra money!

But if your secretary is efficient and works hard,
sure having her around will pay off big time!

Same with adding your link to our toplist. It can sit there being sexy without helping you much. But if you let it work for you, then it will pay off!

How can you let your link pay off?

  • Write a great review of your site, send to contact and become blog of the day!
    All is in your hands:
    the better you write your review, the more visitors you will attract!
  • Write a great review of your site, send to contact and become blog of the weekend.

How much money Linky Love makes on the Internet

The average over our first 9 months is about 300$ a day. That’s cute if you make less but that’s quite little if you need to support yourself, let alone your family.

So is Linky Love THE place to be to learn about making money online? Well: if you want to be a full time blogger, you need more advice than Linky Love is giving you by example.

Are we a scheme of some sort? Not at all: for starters, we don’t ask you for money to read this blog. We do sell some books that can teach you – as well as they have taught me – how to make money online. One of which is from the mother of all affiliate marketers: Rosalind Gardner.

To jumpstart myself I bought her Super Affiliate Handbook , where she teaches you how to pick the best affiliate programs.

I applied what I learned from these techniques, started a new site around an affiliate product (a French course) and I am already earning about $300 dollars selling French courses (4 to be exact): much more than what I invested :).

Add to that: if the techniques in the book don’t work for you, you can ask all your money back within 56 days, no questions ask. Try that after you paid some money to an Internet guru, only to find out months and months later that the 3000 to 4000Rm you invested still aren’t earned back (not to mention some of those who wont be making 1 single cent ever).

Fact is that affiliate marketing is a bit harder than putting contextual ads on a site: contextual ads "make themselves relevant" by matching your site’s content. With affiliate marketing, it’s up to you to match your site with the affiliate product.

I do need to say: if I had bought the book first, I would never have started this blog, because for the topic "linkylove" there just aren’t much affiliate products available. However, I would never learned anything about contextual ads, nor about all the other things I learned by starting hands on. Which ever way you start: the
more you know and experience, the better you can choose which Internet Marketing strategy works best for you. And as the saying goes: never put your eggs in 1 basket, it’s a plus when you know more than 1 skill, once another skill dries out.

You could say: why don’t I sell more make money books here? Because you can read in the Super Affiliate Handbook that once you find a winner, stick to it, and a winner it is. She does offer a full coaching package where she teaches bloggers how to become a money making affiliate in her Affiliate Blogger Pro course.

Where does Linky Love go from here?

Linky Love goes back to basics:

  • giving and receiving linky love
  • attracting lots of visitors using pure SEO

Linky Love goes SEO

Since I believe in teaching by example, I will finetune how Linky Love started:

First 10 steps making a website

These 10 steps and 14 extra posts tell you how to make a good website from scratch writing articles, using basic SEO and getting your toes wet in Internet Marketing.

With "good website" we mean a website that attracts lots of visitors.

Because once you have visitors, you can start selling them something. Linky love is not good in selling stuff as you can see on our earnings, but Linky Love is good when it comes to SEO: we are now having more than 500 keyword phrases ranking on the first 2 SERP pages of Google.

linky love ranking high in search engines

Linky Love ranking extremely high in Google
for more than 500 keyword phrases…

So it’s about time we share the knowledge and make sure your site has lots of visitors to!

And if you want to earn money: start doing affiliate marketing: Google it up of to speed up things: buy the Super Affiliate Handbook and you will earn your money back in the first month! The book comes with a money guarantee, so if you really don’t like what you get, you can simply ask your money back.

But I am sure that when you do what the Super Affiliate Handbook says, you know all there is to know for earning decent money on the Internet.

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