Lesbian Lifestyle and Lesbian Rights in Australia

Lesbian is a woman who loves and has sexual relationship with women. Lesbian sex is a homosexual carry out that like all same sex activity has been there since centuries and is here to stay and prosperous.Internet dating service offers free lesbian personals seeking women for sex apart for love and relationship. There free dating service for lesbian or dykes as they are often referred to known as lesbian dating sites. Lesbian sex is a very popular activity among lesbian woman and bisexual women.

Like all homosexuals face unfairness in Australia. The supporters of lesbian rights in Australia have a hard-hitting time and support lesbian sex rights. There is as discrimination against same sex families especially in parenting and acceptance laws where equal rights to all families have become a bane of contention. Same sex couples in Australia just want the regular rights afforded to heterosexual couples every day.

Significant law improvement is required for same sex dating in Australia to change things for lesbians and gays. The Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (GLRL) have been confrontation for equal opportunity in the work place. Recently a report was published which claimed that a fairly large number of lesbians faced experienced some form of ridicule or unfair treatment in the workplace. Although many countries are opening up to gay lifestyle but a significant amount of legislative change and a perspective devoid of bias is required to deliver equality to homosexuals.

Lesbians face widespread discrimination on the basis of their sexual identity. Australia’s international human rights compulsion require governments to take all necessary actions to remove sexuality discrimination, however current centralized, state and territory laws provide only limited protection against discrimination and also lack uniformity.

Same sex marriage for lesbians is not allowed in Australia. Hence, the state does accord marital status to lesbian couples. Other questions include refutation of promotions, unfair removal from office, pestering, breaches of privacy and refusal of overtime and higher duties. Lesbians have been refused treatment and hospital visitations due their sexuality. Vilification – Lesbian face verbal and physical abuse on many instance in Australia.

The discrimination in case of lesbian and gays is homophobic and large-scale public awareness campaign and education is required to increase toleration for homosexuals.

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