Lesbian Dating Tips

Just a list of what I consider “deal breakers” on first dates. These experiences really happened to me in my dating life. Make a video or text what your deal breakers are. Also how much baggage should be acceptable?


  1. DatSkinnyWhiteGirl says

    lmfao!!!! your dates sound exactly like mine!!! some of the craziest people in the world end up on dates with me lol

  2. CakeLesbian says

    You are now my idol. Idol forever. I can say .. that is too much pressure!

  3. CakeLesbian says

    I never heard anything like you have. I am thank to have learned that dating can be difficult or even worser when a female is playing games.

  4. AnimalHolocaust says

    hardly one who should be giving ‘tips’ lol

  5. lacrossedivaz says

    oh jeez, you’ve gotta love humanity. wonderful stories!!! go red sox!!

  6. taijacmonkey says

    Ha, once I was seeing this girl. we were chillin, hanging out… then on the forth date i had to stop talking to her when she asked me for ten dollars so she could buy a dime bag of weed with it.

  7. debrat1964 says

    Your video is funny, you are a natural at talking. You are a nice person, hope you find someone great.

  8. Nanee715 says

    Well thanks, that is so kind to say. For many years, I was not ready to be in a relationship But I have worked out my issues and feel like I do have a lot to offer someone.

  9. phlewis86 says

    Well Nancy I love you and I love your videos. I hope that you find someone who is right for you. You seem to me to be a very kind and thoughtful person. I think that you will find someone who will see all those qualities in you and appreciate what you have to offer.

  10. SolielCirque says

    That sounds like a date from hell. HA that really sucks! I’m sorry!

  11. EsaNany09 says

    Oh wow, sounds like you’ve tried dating quite a few ridiculously crazy women, haha.

  12. jekessans says

    Well….dating “no gos” for me are: smokers, addicts, and alcoholics…..and that pretty much rules out dating 90% of lesbians. Then there is the other “important issues” and requirements: being socially, mentally, emotionally, and financially stable and that rules out like another 9.9999% of lesbians. This mean that only like .00001% of lesbians fall in to the “good to go” category to date. Sad, but true.

  13. reneesinel says

    That has always been my question im still young tho, but how much is TOO much, it makes ya think =p Awesome video =)
    I think how much baggage deppens on where you are in your life most of all,

    Deal breakers one of my huge one atm(and im sure always)would be putting down/ verbal abuse, how far is too far how much do you REALLY respect me, heathly criticism/ how to pick up what isnt, whats a joke and what isnt..
    This isnt high school, i want this to be a adult relationship.

  14. Nanee715 says

    I think some things are cute. But I dislike when someone refuses to grow up emotionally and deal with their issues and then expect me to ‘fix” things. We are all works in progress and not perfect. But honestly, I can’t be expected to take responsiblity for my girfriend’s issues. I can’t help her but she has to do the work.

  15. MrMandy1991 says

    I think that you should only allow a small amount of baggage. For example think about his: if you were living with the girl and you really love her and love coming home to her would the baggage turn into something you find cute or would the things bother you?

  16. coldharbur00 says

    haha your defiantly funny.

  17. darkwillow6 says

    I hate when a girl tries to say “I love you” too soon. Or tries to get very serious very early in the relationship. You really like them and things are going well, then all of a sudden you feel trapped.

  18. detroits1finestgirl says

    LOL, the voice you made. Wow the dates you been on.

  19. justintempler says

    hard boiled eggs… cute one

  20. glasgowlesbian says

    hey nancy cool video x

  21. Nanee715 says

    that’s what my sister says too. That there are just as many crazy straight people. My question is how much baggage should you allow?

  22. ItalianStallionette says

    Lesbians *still* confuse me to this day. I’ve been out for 20 years, and I’ve met a lot of crazy lesbians… BUT I’m met a lot of crazy straight people. Maybe we’re ALL crazy.. hahahha

  23. Nanee715 says

    sad but true. Is there healthy lesbians out there? It looks pretty bleak.

  24. ItalianStallionette says

    deal breaker…. I don’t like neediness… bleck..

  25. ItalianStallionette says

    no no no no no no no!!!

    All these stories are HORRIFYING!!!!!! OMG!

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