Lesbian Dating Tips – Tips for All Single Lesbian Women

Lesbian Dating Tips

As a lesbian woman who has kept on in the dating scene off and on for a multitude of years, I know the lesbian dating scene is unlike any a large amount of dating scene out there. Women. We are emotional, picky, sometimes clingy, and always coming across as for a person to sttink who loves us as still as we sttink them. And when you undergo 2 women in the same relationship, sometimes details can get a little, shall we say, messy. Lesbian Dating Tips

I have been fortunate to find my life partner, but trust me when I tell you, it was NOT an easy task. It took years of dating, falling in love with the WRONG women, getting set up on blind dates, and trying to heed my own advice when it came to love and relationships. I was one of the lucky ones. For all of you single women who are out there still searching for the “one”, I feel your pain. Many people are surprised when I tell them how hard it is to find a good woman in today’s world. Lesbian Dating Tips

Lesbian women deal with many of the same frustrations as our “breeder” friends when it comes to relationships and finding a good partner. My biggest frustration was finding a woman who didn’t feel the need to fit into some cliche version of a butch or femme woman. Many of the butch women I dated wanted to rule the roost and have control over the relationship… Ummm.. that’s not for me. I am and always will be a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need to have her choices made by anyone else, be it male or female. For any of you who actually dig that kind of thing, more power to you, but I’m a believer in being an individual.. and INDEPENDENT individual. Lesbian Dating Tips

Then we have the other end of the spectrum.. The femme females who feel as though they are entitled to be taken care of by their significant other. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ll pamper a woman all day, and all night, however, I don’t want anyone relying on me for everything in their life. I don’t want a woman who doesn’t want to work, nor do I want a woman who doesn’t want me to work. In either of those situations, one of the people in the relationship will always be reliant on the other. Lesbian Dating Tips

And honestly, can you really have a good relationship when that is the case? I believe in equality in a relationship. Equal sharing of chores, bills, and all the nonsense that goes on behind the scenes. I believe couples should make major decisions as a team so that each party involved is somewhat satisfied with the outcome. I believe in compromise. You will find that most of the time, you and your partner, or potential partner, don’t always agree on things.. That’s not a bad thing! You don’t have to be twins, for gosh sakes! Lesbian Dating Tips

And, don’t expect that there will never be arguments in the relationship. Arguing can be healthy if done properly. It’s almost an art. But, you have to have the ability to express your opinion and still keep an open mind to actually hear what your partner has to say. Start taking actions to Change your social life forever! Get your Lesbian Dating Tips now.

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