Leave The Simpsons alone!

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Leave OJ Simpson alone

leave OJ Simpson alone

I mean: if you leave a piece of cheese on the table with me in the room, and the next minute the cheese has disappeared, then don’t accuse me from stealing the cheese! I just happened to be there, so why is the attention suddenly focused on me?

Same with OJ Simpson: he just happened to be in the same room as some stolen sports memorabilia and he just happens to be caught on tape, so why is the attention suddenly focused in OJ Simpson? You humans are all the same once it comes to stolen cheese or stolen memorabilia…

Leave The Simpsons alone

the simpsonsI mean simple cat logic: why pick on OJ Simpson? Leave him alone! It’s not because he is the only one of the whole Simpsons cast not being cheesy yellow, that he has to be treated as an outcast!

And even in paradise people have been known to be stealing things, so what’s the big fuzz about?

Leave Britney Spears Alone

leave britney aloneThis is a true love story: listen to your fans and act accordingly! You Simpson haters should all take an example on that!

See, there are still nice people in this world listening to their fans: I only have to say miaaauw and my manager gets me food 🙂 (sorry, I ate the 4 other cheesy smileys… is that a wall of cheese behind the Britney fan???).

And after seeing the leave Britney Spears alone video on YouTube, Britney Spears manager Jeff Kwatinetz immediately jumped into action and quit. The ultimate dedication to your boss: that’s exactly how you leave Britney Spears alone. I just wonder how much he gets paid for such a nice gesture! Yeah, I do want to be a rich cat myself as well.

Leave YouTube alone

Now if you excuse me, I want to take a catnap. Which is quite impossible with all these people on YouTube screaming their heads of Leave Britney Simpson alone…. so be quite and let this cat nap 🙂

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  1. I love LOLcats!


    I’ve been meaning to put captions on some of my photos.

  2. @Joey

    Looking forward to hear what your cats are thinking!!!

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