Ladies, what do you think of these dating tips?

It was on the Yahoo! homepage, and I liked some of them, so I want to know which you believe to be true (and which you disagree with):


  1. Furry Guy says

    interesting……very freakin’ interesting.

    i don’t like rule #10 though. i do not want to be reachable at all times. seriously, i never pick up my phone i always let it go to voice mail. cant a guy get some privacy once in a while?

  2. Rio Madeira says

    I agree with all of them except Poppy Montgomery’s point. It’s NOT always flattering when men hit on women. If I’m in a relationship or interested in someone else, I don’t want to hear from a third party. (I realize that they can’t know that off the hop, but that doesn’t make me feel better about it.)

  3. Charles B says

    Got to question the thing about women liking to be “hit on”. I’ve approached women politely and civilly, actually not even “hitting on them” and been cussed, spat on, had security called on me, and been struck by purses. I’m neat, clean don’t smell bad, speak well, and I’m trim and athletic, while not muscular. I should be totally non threatening.

  4. Spiraled Out trying to be nicer says

    Pretty much text book typical awful advice from women to men on how to get women:

    #’s 1,8,9,10, & 12 are meant to set a man up to be controlled and act from a position of weakness

    #2 & 4 just show how vain women are and how much stock that put in stupid stuff

    The one about hitting on a woman is always flattering is TOTAL b.s….if she’s not attracted to you, she is annoyed and thinks you are a creep….

    If you are a woman, I suppose this is EXACTLY the kind of horsesh*t you want your man to be deluded by….if you are a dude, you should damn near do the opposite if most everything said, minus the taking forever to get ready

    CAustin: glad to see you are finally coming around….I am to knowledge of life as you are to physics……

  5. CAustin II says

    In rare form, I have to agree with spiraled, actually.

    Ask a panel of men how to attract women or a panel of women how to attract men, and you won’t get accurate advice: you’ll get a flurry of suggestions from a group of people who believe they are given an opportunity to influence the behavior of the other sex – something that tends to be less oriented toward giving accurate advice and more oriented toward (if the advice were universally taken) putting one’s own sex at an advantage in the dating and relationship department.

    To use myself as an example (this applies to men as well as women), if I was asked point blank, perfectly honestly, what sort of thing tended to attract me to women, I’d say someone of a certain facial shape with contrasting hair and eyes (either dark hair and lightly-colored eyes, or vice versa), a general quirky personality and positive demeanor (life is either a comedy or a tragedy – it’s either fascinating or horrifying; there’s no reason to hang around the downers), and the ability to converse intelligently with me on as many topics as possible.

    But, if you interviewed me for a popular article about how women could be more attractive, I’d probably say something about being willing to give your man some space – this is because space (and specifically being unable to get away from over-clingy girlfriends) has been an issue with my relationships in the past, and if all women understood this issue beforehand, it would make my dating life easier. But, it would be misleading for me to answer this way, because of course a woman’s ability to understand the concept of breathing room will have virtually no impact on my initial attraction or unattraction to her – nor would it really enter into play until a little while into the relationship.

    This is the sort of advice that is given here – it’s mostly stuff that actually has little impact on how attractive a man is, but stuff that might make these individual women’s dating lives easier if all men thought these were critical things to getting dates. The actuality of the matter is that getting women (or men) has a lot to do with charisma, appearance, an interesting lifestyle and life choices, humor, and a few other immediately-apparent attributes. While some of these things may help the health of a relationship, that has more to do with keeping a girlfriend than getting one.

  6. 1: Neutral. I agree that there’s no need to wait 3 days to call, but not because we’re getting old and running out of time lol. Just don’t call on the same day and you’re good.

    #2: Agree. I have a soft spot for strong, manly, well-kept hands. But I wouldn’t say this is universal.

    #3: Disagree. I like Pilates. Feels great.

    #4: Disagree. This chicks multiple personality disorder scares me lol.

    #5: Strongly Disagree. It’s annoying, uncomfortable, and creepy to be hit on all the time.

    #6: Neutral. The thing about the lights is stupid. I don’t check the seat for pee unless I’m in a public restroom. If I have to start checking my own toilet for pee, I may not nag about it, but I’ll think the man is sloppy and inconsiderate.

    #7: Neutral. It doesn’t bother me if a guy takes a while to get ready, but I’m pretty quick myself, so if he’s taking longer than me, I’ll make fun of him for it 🙂

    #8: Disagree. If you’re only dating a few weeks, there’s no need to make it so “official” especially if you haven’t talked about it as a couple first. I might be offended if a guy introduced me as his “girlfriend” before I was ready to take that next step.

    #9: Disagree. I’ve never felt threatened by my bf’s ex-girlfriend. They broke up for a reason and he’s with me for a reason 🙂

    #10: Disagree. Made me laugh though! But I do not need to reach my boyfriend at all times. I try to be reachable at all times for my boyfriend, but it doesn’t always turn out that way.

    #11: Agree. Well, everything except wanting to date younger models (but I’m only 23).

    #12: Neutral. I wouldn’t go too far with it. There’s a difference between “enemy” and just plain not liking someone. If somebody seriously wronged me, I would hope he would have enough respect for me to not want to associate with that person, but I wouldn’t tell him he couldn’t hang out with so-and-so just because I didn’t care for the person.

    Agree: 2
    Neutral: 4
    Disagree: 6

  7. 1- Very good advice. I know a lot of women who have stopped seeing men because they didn’t call back at a reasonable speed. Women like men who seem interested. It doesn’t make you a desperate stalker to promptly return a call or call for a second date the day after.

    #2- Uh, sure. Most men don’t have long nails anyway.

    #3- I prefer yoga to boxing and I’m so-so on pilates.

    #5- Pretty much. For all the guys saying this isn’t true, they must be pretty creepy or have no ability to read the signs.

    #6- Bullshit. I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in a toilet, but I think leaving it up is gross and kind of selfish. I’m not trying to control anyone, but I think if you live with a woman or have one staying over, it is basic manners to put the seat down.

    #7- Reasonable

    #8- Lady friend is a little ugh.

    #9- True

    #10- Basically a joke. Yes you should be reachable though, just within reason.

    #11- Very true

    #12- Very true

  8. icevixen17 says

    the only ones i disagree with are 2 # (it’s a matter of preference some women like myself like men with delicate looking hands) and 4 # (insecurity of body image isn’t restricted to females and isn’t inherent),i don’t really understand 7 # so i can’t comment

  9. breach98 says

    It’s all good. And I’m a fellow, much too old for any games.

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