Kim Sharma in Bikini

kim sharma in bikini

Bollywood boobs Kim Sharma in bikini heads straight for the camera: the famous Bo Derek wet-look re-incarnated in Tollywood movie Yaagam.


Yes, since Bollywood in Bikini is something quite rare, Kim Sharma went to Calcutta based Tollywood to strut her stuff. For those looking for an Asian date: Indians always come with "the full package", at least that’s what the Bollywood movies suggest.


Kim Sharma Bikini

Kim Sharma Bikini


But Yaagam is more than just a Kim Sharma bikini on the beach story. Also featured are male star Navadeep and female hot Indian actress Bhoomika Chawla:


bhumika chawla

Asian Dating with Bhoomika


Yaagam of course is a love story with a touch of mass elements. Navadeep and Kim Sharma work in a bar, Bhoomika plays the role of an air-hostess.


How these three are connected to each other and what happens after the 3 encounter each other "is moulded in an interesting manner".


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