Keep the option to call her to yourself! practical dating tips and relationship advice, effective, useful dating tips when to call a girl after you met her and what to say to her


  1. @breakerbatman1 You dont “Ask” per se, you tell her to give you her number. Like “put your number in my phone” for example.

  2. jasperpaws24 says

    @krazzyyo2 Same for me man. I did both things. LOL.. this guy is becoming an answer to my prayers.

  3. breakerbatman1 says

    how should i ask for cell phone number

  4. breakerbatman1 says

    how should i ask for cell phone number

  5. Barhoumaaaa says


  6. Great advice! I was wondering if what I was doing was wrong, but you completely encouraged me. Much thanks!

  7. qwertyuiop1987 says

    you should get a Nobel prize!

  8. Shit, I wish I watched this thing a couple of weeks ago! lol

  9. Alejandro1313sixx says

    Agree. thanks for the advice.

  10. camoplaster says

    i agree 100%

  11. Don’t talk to this chick anymore. You messed up. But beauty is common – so with the NEXT CHICK, do this:

    DON’T call her so often. If you are always available, you will be DOOMED to be her “friend” because a guy who’s always calling her has NOTHING going on in his life, and girls are NOT attracted to this. Call her less, and it will LOOK like you have a life – and seduce other girls so you won’t get attached. And NEVER ask her if she “loves” you – assume she’s ATTRACTED and CLOSE the deal!

  12. Never tell the girl to call you back – it’s WEAK, it tells her you’re a weak BOY who gives away all his power rather than a MAN. Remember if you ask her to call you back, you are ALSO giving her the option of NOT calling you back (and you’re also allowing her to invent ANY BS excuse for it.)

    Women don’t want to have to make a choice to call you. Even if you’ve got Brad Pitt looks, the MOMENT you give HER the option to NOT call you, you LOSE.

    Great tips Arkady! Keep ’em coming!

  13. BLuEsHayZee says

    These are good suggestions of “not” torturing yourself =). 5 stars.

  14. AxiomaticObserver says

    Sorry, but yes that is a stupid question. Never ask that, she should be asking you that not the other way around.

  15. jonas000111 says

    Stop calling her!
    When she asks why just say you’ve been really busy. Dont be rude but dont apoligise. IMHO at this point you pretty much lost her as she pulled the dating f(riends) bomb, but there is still a chance.

    A big part of attraction is social proof. She has to feel that you are socially desirable and someone else may come along and catch your attention if she doesn’t act. This will put her in a situation where she will have to attract you.

    Good luck!!!

  16. Shane5shane says

    well i did the calling her everyight after i went to bed. and she really like to talk to me but one thing that she doesn’t when im asking that do you love me ? and she said she loved me as a friend. Is this really Stupid question ?

  17. This shit is true.

  18. sexiicano515 says

    i was just in this situation. she sed im kind of busy next week. i said fine so mayb the week after. and shes like ok il let u kno. fuck i saw this vid to late

  19. Dani86Pink says

    Sooo Agree! Every man need to know this.

  20. muzicalman says

    don’t we all!!!!

  21. foxgirl100 says

    good advice on that

  22. sandercohen1 says

    He is damn right. I never really thought about this technique, but it’s really working. His tips are right in alot of situations in fact almost all situations. Very nice vid!

  23. azfireman25 says

    i want to have some fun

  24. 00chinadoll says

    I watched several of your videos and I have to say you make some really good point!!!! I really love your videos!!!

  25. never would of thought of that but its so true, if you give the girl the option to call and you call first, not only is it awkward but you look desperate to be around her

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