Julianne Hough’s quickstep cancels another marriage

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Julianne Hough’s quickstep cancels another marriage

Julianne Hough can dance as good as she can break up marriages… maybe her family has a divorce lawyers office? Ok, my imagination is going wild gain… It’s not always about making money in this world… or is it?

julianne hough upskirtHave you been following Dancing with the Stars? I did, reading Fracas‘ blog who has been writing up posts during the DWTS.

Being quite busy as she is these days, she hasn’t reported yet the winner of this season: Julianne Hough. Or maybe she must be thinking like I do: the voyage is more important than the destination 🙂

Meanwhile Helio Castroneves has been canceling his marriage with Aliette Vazquez. From the sidelines everybody blames this to his fiery chemistry with Julianne Hough… Yet then again, it’s not because Brat Pitt and Angelina Julie play in the same movie, that they will marry in real life… or is it?

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