Jolin Tsai Edison Pics

Was Jolin Tsai the latest actress in the Edison Chen Scandal? Look at the lingerie pictures, watch the Jolin Tsai Edison Chen video and judge for yourself 🙂

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Edison Chen Sexy Secretary Award

Do you have what it takes to receive the Sexy Secretary Award? The girls Edison Chen dated surely would, but it would be a bit to raunchy to feature them all on my blog, as we are still quite family oriented (we won’t tell you which family though…).

sexy secretary award

Read how you can show off the Sexy Secretary Award on your site!

Back to Jolin Tsai…

Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai: born September 15, in Sinjhuang City, Taipei County, Taiwan. That’s China for those having doubts…

Jolin Tsai is a well-known Taiwanese pop-singer. She started her career when winning an MTV singing competition and got signed by Universal Music.

In 1999 she created an image of the innocent "girl-next-door" (doesn’t that sound ideal "silly and naive" Edison Chen material?). She was the "teenage boy killer," like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in the west.

Yet in took until 2006 that a very sexy Jolin Tsai gets intimate with Hong Kong pop star Edison Chen in "Mr.Q" . 2006, that sounds way to mature for Edison Chen…

edison chen jolin tsai elva sex scandal pics

Edison Chen Jolin Tsai elva sex scandal pics ???

Jolin Tsai Mp3

Hot and sexy Jolin Tsai gets close to Edison Chen in Mr. Q.

Jolin Tsai Sex

Last week, 4 so called Jolin Tsai sex pictures were circulating the net:


Jolin Tsai Sex pictures with Edison Chen?

jolin tsai

Jolin Tsai

Yet there is something missing on these lingerie pictures: Jolin Tsai has a tattoo on her left arm… So up to you if Jolin Tsai is the 8th victim in the Edison Chen scandal? I would pass on this one 🙂

Edison Chen apologizes and quits

Last week Thursday Edison Chen made again an apology over his sex photos with Cecilia Cheung, Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, and Vincy Yeung.

  • Chen admitted he took the photos himself, but never intended to
    show the public.
  • He apologized to those embattled female celebrities and everyone
    in Hong Kong.
  • He also announced to quit the Hong Kong entertainment completely…

If you ask me; he is now so famous that he will be on his way to Hollywood…

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