John Chow traveling pen

Update about this miraculous John Chow pen:

make money online pen

Make money online pen traveling from John Chow to…?

As soon as the evil 😈 John Chow Pen started traveling from Anand to me, I got 2 people asking to organise the next travel of the pen:

  1. shypys and
  2. hem acharya

And we got 3 $$$ bids after we asked Who wants to buy the John Chow pen?

  1. Liver cancer : 5$
  2. Quick and easy ways to make money : 14$
  3. Girls Swimsuits : 18$

Who wants the pen for free and who wants to up the bid?
Please leave a comment!


  1. Yes I want the pen for free.


  2. I’ll take the pen!

    Hey, let me know if you want me to add your blog to my list of blogs that give links for reviews.
    I couldnt find a review rules page on your site, so I havent added it yet.

    Let me know

    blog at taxfix dot co dot uk

  3. Hi David,

    I now have rules to review me at:
    How Linky Love will add your link for your review

    Hope to see me on your list and you could add that my predicted PR = 5 🙂

  4. Hi LinkyLove,
    I think that the original conditions laid by john chow were that you must pass it on for “free”, to the first person who asks for it.
    So I dont think you should charge for it 🙂
    So either myself, or the first one to comment on this post should get it, but I think it should be me as i was the first to comment on your first “john-chow pen” post.

    Anyways its upto you, but please dont charge money for it 🙂
    All the best,

  5. Where did you read the original conditions Shypy?

    Anyways, I asked Mr. Chow what he thinks I should do 😈

  6. The John chow pen is not for sale! I started this game, idea it to build community as the pen travels the world. Just keep passing it round!

  7. Thanks Matt for joining in your own community game after it was posted here for sale about 1 month ago 😈

    Anyway, I spiced it up a bit with monetizing it, but you tell me Matt how the community building works with your game?

    Meanwhile the pen got stuck in the monsoons from India, after leaving Anand.

    Anand has updated me about this less then a week ago, so we cross fingers it arrives. Kuala Lumpur was without rain for 7 days now, so storms will be violent when they break out. But without any rain, no excuse for the pen not to arrive.

    For the John Chow fans: he has a beer cooler thingy for grabs these days!

    Ok, let’s se what Matt has to say about how his community building will work 🙂

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