Jiri Tlusty is … lusty!

There are a few things a love about Canada and let me mention the top 3:

  1. the fracas blog (short for Fra Canada’s blog…)
  2. the Canadian flag found on our blog of the day DaddyP
    jiri tlusty
  3. the entire Toronto Maple leafs naked…

Some more naked nonsense about Jiri Tlusty

We keep in the Canadian gossip circle and start with,


Jiri Tlusty says sorry for nude pictures on Internet.


No need to say sorry Jiri: the Internet is used to naked pictures and will surely survive!

Well, if you think you will see nude pictures kind of like this:

jiri tlusty nude pictures

Then be prepared for the real thing…

Yes, you are in for some hairless viewing pleasure when you find the Jiri Tlusty naked pictures!

Who is Jiri Tlusty?

The name says it all: Lusty comes from the Czech Republic. Jiri Tlusty loves taking pictures in front of his mirror and playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

All work and no play?

Jiri Tlusty Naked

Jiri Tlusty naked tongue in a teammates’ face

If you are thinking of making money online and giving your career a boost: playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs makes you tired, playing in front of your mirror makes you famous!

Luckely, not all is bad… Isn’t is great that your coach comes to your defense? Read out loud:

Maple Leafs coach Paul Maurice told SLAM Canada:
"When you’re in the public eye, you have to guard how you behave. I hope this young man can put this behind him quickly. I hope he has already."

The lessons to be learned for Jiri Tlustly are:

  • Don’t stick your tongue in the public eye nor in the eye of your teammates
  • Use the mirror to comb your hair: if you don’t have hair to comb, don’t use a mirror

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