Jim Rome Show – Texas Tech’s Mike Leach’s Dating Tips

Jim Rome talks about the audio from Texas Tech Coach’s radio show where he gives advice to a player on taking a girl out on a first date. You, Coach Leach, can coach my kid any day!


  1. meh. how stupid is rome now?

  2. gsonlife says

    i agree totally, azeralaskan…whats up with all the pauses?

  3. Jim Everett kicking Jim Rome’s ass, priceless.

    I don’t know if he’s a jew but he sure is a dumb dickhead. I can’t wait til tomorrow when i channel surf during an espn radio comercial and i get to hear Jim, I got my ass kicked on air by a guy i called a woman, Rome tell me how great it is to bet on horses. this guy is an incredible fucktard.

  4. CaniacTiLLIDie says

    Come to ECU where you can be a REAL Pirate!!

  5. nparga23 says

    Rome= insecure dumb Jew

    I wish this dickhead moves out of Irvine

  6. wadeccockrill says

    Coach Leach is awsome! This shit cracks me up! Good luck against OU Saturday. GO POKES!!!

  7. shtungles says

    um, conversate is also a word.

  8. Ask a football coach a non football question, you’re going to get a non answer, LOL!

  9. withoutasong says

    “conversate?”….It is converse!

  10. azeralaskan says

    i really dislike jim romes speech tempo, his pauses piss me off

  11. houstonbashers says

    To back my statement “He’s a genius” everyone here whom has graduated from Pepperdine Law raise you hand!

  12. houstonbashers says

    The man is a damn genius…

    “You’ll be dead in a hundred years anyway; live dangerously!!!” M. Leach

  13. brentttu says

    Raider Power!!

  14. bj07bran7 says

    lol you can trade “computer schemes”

    wtf is he talkin about haha

  15. coach gave some g00d tips, i didnt see what the problem was

  16. ixcuincle says

    rack him

  17. chaos76522 says

    As a UT fan, i must WAR Mike Leach staying in the Big 12!!! That guy is Epic to this league!!! WAR ALL BIG TWELVE FANS!!!

  18. upabittoolate says

    war mike leach. he just laid out a good date

  19. carshman663 says

    War Eagle!

  20. this year, definitely.

    but most years the SEC is better. Big 12 is always better than big 10 and pac 10

  21. albeartoe2 says

    jim romes a joke but mike leach is great

  22. domdawg9000 says

    Karma comes back around. That catch Crabtree made was so friggin sick!!!!

  23. Leach is freaking awesome!Get your guns up! War Husker fan! War UT fan!

  24. peruanofenomeno says

    Best offensive mind in all of football

  25. cooldud12314 says

    anyone from us? lets chat 🙂

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