Jennifer Aniston On Dating

Actress Jennifer Aniston spoke with Julie Chen about the troubles with dating and her new film, He’s Just Not That Into You.


  1. @rviles2323 Pacino and his ex-girlfriend D’Angelo were never married despite having twins together.

  2. thequeenlives says

    TATE DONOVAN PASSED!….(got married after dating her)…
    BRAD PITT PASSED!…(found his SOULMATE in beautiful Angie)
    PAUL RUDD PASSED…(got married)
    PAUL SCULFOR….(moved on to Cameron)
    VINCE VAUGHN PASSED!…(got married recently & is having a baby)
    JOHN MAYER PASSED….(dumped her TWICE! LOL!)

  3. @liz775 I think that the insecurity would suit Angelina better. She has a track record of having affairs with several married men, and let’s not forget the lesbian lover. Jen has proven to be a strong woman even though she is single. Jen still has dated (single) men, but she would never come in between a marriage. The biggest difference is that Jennifer has morals. Angelina does not.

  4. lyalichka25 says

    she is ugly n annnoying

  5. datertube1 says

    google this? DaterTube

  6. CrappyAtGuitar says

    shes what, 42 or something? she has been getiing hotter every single year

  7. I am correcting myself.. Jen is actually 5 foot 6. I just looked it up on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB)…they are pretty accurate.

  8. Jen is not short..I think she is about 5 foot 5.

  9. rviles2323 says

    Al Pacino is married to Beverly D’Angelo (Ellen Griswold). I don’t know what this movie is talking about.

  10. Greeks do it better!!

  11. @Bublinkary maniston lol

  12. @Bublinkary get a life? do you have taste at all? Al Pacino? lol.

  13. MrTrufini1 says

    Jennifer Aniston??? semplicemente splendida e bravissima!!!GRANDE ANISTON

  14. Bublinkary says

    Al Pacino is much more handsome than you, Maniston, no, you can’t be Al Pacino 😀

  15. onetrashdancer says

    Every year she gets more stunning

  16. i like her, she’s hot, but she’s getting old LOL that should stir the pot >=]

  17. nowhereprincess says

    she is my favourite, fun and beautiful!

  18. Supermagos9 says

    I bet she is really short?

  19. takikuapinpan says

    try JA on dating from 2:10 onwards…….

  20. umm is it really your business anyhow….angie is known as one of the most beauty women in hollywood…so yeah she has lost weight but angie is adventurous and exciting..she interested in world views trying to figure out what she can do to make this world a better place maybe thats what drew brad in..a combination of beauty, make a difference, having children..

  21. @elmarco1984 LOL

  22. How could Brad dump the single most beautifeul women on the planet?
    I have no words to describe how idiot he is…

  23. elmarco1984 says

    i’ll give hugh hefner 5 bucks if he gives jen 100 million bucks to do playboy

  24. ridergirl1989 says

    She is so nice!!

  25. i would bang her good

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