Japan FAQ 10: Special Dating in Japan FAQ

Sorry it took so long to make this video….I was….making videos? lol. This is the dating video that hopefully answers alot of the e-mails I have been getting about dating in japan. please write me if you have more details you wish to know.


  1. carbondioxide91 says

    i still want a faq about dating guys >< have any gaijin girlfriends there that can talk about it?? pretty pleeease.. :3**

  2. akanor154 says

    You have mine thank for this video


  3. SachikoSCB says

    haha i love how your always trying to be nice and not offend

  4. holyangemon23 says

    @joinemeindeath I’m sorry for making you so angry, I’m actually a nerd too, I would go to Japan, for the language, Culture, Games, manga, anime, and of course the women. I swear that in my past life I was Japanese.

  5. yoosulove says

    interesting video! lol!

  6. wushubabe says

    Interesting! Thank You! ^_^

  7. sirdonicaschosen says

    @lastcall.. Maybe I’m ignorant, but when did holding hands in America ever mean “kiss me”? especially if you’re just walking together.

  8. shylildude says

    pua is pick-up artist

  9. usercreated says


  10. animeangela227 says

    haha you have hair in this old video!!

  11. Pickupgurubudu says

    oops, I confused u,@109mytiger with the author of the vid, lol
    check the word definition via e-net, and choose the most appropriate one to the subject) good luck, if u join the world of true fans of manipulations of PUA, I bet it’s a new world for many)

  12. Pickupgurubudu says

    no, dude) I’m a “gaijin” studying in Tokyo. U’re in Osaka as I understand, didn watch the full video though, just half ) hey, btw, Okinawa is famous for Hakada Matsuri, lol. Though, I don’t like that much(didn like the pics)
    AND YET, I dunnow Osaka clubs, but in Tokyo… Last time I was in the club I got a girl kiss with me in the middle of the dance-floor, oh that was good) she was hot and slim, in her 25-26. You know JP-girls look much younger their age)
    Check out Camelot Club, Tokyo)

  13. 109mytiger says

    @Pickupgurubudu what is PUAs? Are you Japanese or American?

  14. Pickupgurubudu says

    I don’t agree, I’ve been out in japan with girls, and the pay is split. Moreover, it’s a kinda rule of a PUAs to make it split, or which is better get her pay for you))

  15. lastcall808 says

    The hand-holding thing really thru me off when I was 1st in Japan…..guys be fore-warned just because they want to hold your hand doesnt mean they want a kiss.

  16. 109mytiger says

    If you want to date with japanese girl ,a man always pay the bill,split bill doesn’t exsist in japan.

  17. voodoo078 says

    if you don’t mind me asking, what was your first date in japan like?

  18. megatroll says

    Why so difficult? I heard there are a lot of nice brothels in Tokyo… 😀
    It’s probably even cheaper than dating a girl! XD

  19. cheesesmiles says

    lol “dont come out here if your some asain fan boy, okay?” lol thats so true. all ur uploads rock! XD

  20. thats what i am here for 🙂 best to pm me.

  21. haicthizu says

    can i ask you a question

  22. what about the good stuff, mmmk?

  23. joinemeindeath says

    fanboys with asia fetishes piss me off lol i want to go to japan for the gaming, im such a nerd.

  24. MartiniShelby says

    so adorable.

  25. “Don’t be a creep” haha

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