Is there a class that teaches dating tips and conversation skills?

I always wanted to improve my social skills so I can meet more interesting people. Are there any types of classes that teach this sort of stuff? Maybe something similar to dating coaches? Or classes that teaches people how to socialize?


  1. AH NO but you can talk to a mirrior to improve your skills it helps a lot

  2. bonecrusher says

    Mystery will school ya:

    I doubt if its free, though

  3. Margaret says

    i wish

  4. …there is no class for life.
    ..I’m sorry. I really wish there was. I know we all do. answers. everything written out for us.
    ..but there isn’t.
    …the best thing that you can do..for yourself. is to get out there. even if you aren’t very comfortable striking up a conversation, the best “lesson” you are going to get is practice. Sometimes you’ll fail, and that’s okay. we all do. As for dating coaches, that’s what best friends are for. ask them, they’ll help as much as they can to get you started on the path that feels right for you. …socializing? join a club, or a group that you can feel a part of. expand your circle. if you truly feel you have a problem talking to people, go see a therapist or a counselor. I know it sounds odd, but they actually can help. by talking to them, you learn better how to respond to people’s odd questions, and the everyday conversation goes smoother.
    I hope this helps, and if not, I hope that you find something that works for you.

  5. Hmmm.... says

    Well any speech class at a local community college will do that. It doesn’t directly relate to dating, but it will improve your communication skills and give you confidence when speaking to anyone (especially women). There are several great books out there that will help you out also. Try “How to talk to women” by Ron Luis. Good Luck!

  6. Tesl-goddess says

    Here is a link to an article that has great advice on going out on a first date with someone. I think this article will really help you. GOOD LUCK & ENJOY!

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