Is Phone Dating Better Than Online Dating Or Facebook?

Try Livelinks Chatline for free – 1.866.984.2428 — Love, Sex, Dating from If you’re one of the many who struggle with online dating or trying to find a date on Facebook, then phone dating may be just the thing for you. Sex Tips and Advice from Distributed by Tubemogul.


  1. fee20luv says

    @Daiiley shut up not true!

  2. fee20luv says

    @Daiiley not true!

  3. fee20luv says

    @Daiiley not true!

  4. ReelSparkDotCOM says

    These are two very likable people. I like em. Tell it like it is!!!

  5. JadaQuan44 says

    not alwayz tru

  6. LadyDiscordAphrodite says

    I’ve never done the online or the phone thing. But if you think going to a bar to meet people is a great idea, trust me, not always the right way to go.

    Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you can meet awesome people but in my experience most people going to the bar aren’t looking to date, they’re looking for sex. Which for some people can work wonderfully, but not necessarily if you want a relationship.

    Obviously I can’t speak for everyone, just in my experience. ^_^

  7. DanAndJenn says

    very cool, congrats!!

  8. jesushatesme666 says

    I met my boyfriend via myspace.. and now i call him and cam with him nearly all day evryday

    And its hard.. but i love him and we have plans to move in together once i graduate this year… 🙂

  9. DanAndJenn says

    @Backhymen LOL congrats an right on. there was a lot of stigma about “online dating” and chatlines, etc. for a long time. but fact is, if you’re serious about meeting someone, then do it! it’s the smart way to find somone that you might actually want to be with from a pool of millions of others who are there FOR THE SAME REASON… unlike a bar for example. — D&J

  10. Backhymen says

    Well i met my fiance online, we had a phone “Relationship” for a long time.

    Now we are toghether and are planning on getting married, e-dateing helps you track down people you have things in common with, similar interests.

    And neither of us are ugly. But yes we are very horny, Which btw. Horny = Fun.

  11. Ugly people e-date, Horny people phone date


  12. DanAndJenn says

    @XXTheRealMcCoyXX LOL Paul Rudd? that’s new. got “Bill from True Blood” a few times. 🙂 — Dan

  13. DanAndJenn says

    @uaenruotel whoa, dude, had a bad experience? 🙂 we do advantages of all kinds of stuff. LOL we’ve done dozens of online dating videos, that medium is great for a lot of people and we’re strong supporters (when used right). as is the chat line phone dating option. in the end it’s not about “dating online” or “dating on the phone”, but about taking that step to reach out to people in your area, find some that interests you, and go out and meet them, make that connection. Have an awesome day! D&J

  14. uaenruotel says

    I’m kind of disappointed in dan and jenn this video shows that they’ve totally sold out. They gave us all of the positives but none of the negatives of phone dating using this service and I usually enjoy their unbiased opinions but now im aware that I wont be getting that anymore 🙁

  15. XXTheRealMcCoyXX says

    Is it just me or dose Dan look or sound a bit like Paul Rudd? Give or take a few bald patches… = /

    Meeting over the phone or online, It’s probably some transvestite from thailand who wants to ram you up the tail pipe or someone trying to set you up to get mugged in the middle of nowhere and get your car and wallet stolen so you have nothing but your ass to sell to get back home!

  16. OrcWyvern says

    I met a girl online chat, we talked, later on the phone, had phone sex lol was awsome =p, and webcam sex lol =)
    but later she got into a serious relationship so I don’t have someone to masturbate with over the phone =(

    lol sounds freaky, but I don’t have time to have a girlfriend and I don’t like the idea of having sex around with different women because of STD.

  17. DanAndJenn says

    @payrolls also you can’t judge a person by their picture, their energy & personality doesn’t come through. so the physical attraction ultimately is only real in person. it’s nice to be able to interact by voice and get more of a feel for someone, but ideally you have both voice and picture. what matters in the end is how you hit it off in person – just don’t let a relationship build online, get out there and meet that person ASAP and see if it’s real.

  18. DanAndJenn says

    @payrolls LOL many people like online dating, many people think it’s not for them – as you can see in even the comments below, there’s still a lot of general stigma for online dating. it’s all about options, and finding what’s right for you, and what WORKS for you, whatever that may be. 🙂

  19. Ok, this video looks biased and sponsored by livelinks. Reason why I would prefer online dating over a phone date line is the pictures. You can’t get that with phone dating. Who wants to be blindly set up with someone who they are not physically attracted to?

  20. DanAndJenn says

    @Daiiley LOL that’s really not the case. if you’re looking for a relationship, it makes sense to go somewhere where everyone else IS seriously and actively looking for the same thing: a relationship – unlike a bar where people go to hang out and aren’t necessarily looking for anything. just a thought.

  21. DanAndJenn says

    Guys we’d like to add to this video, something we often say – whether it’s phone chatlines or online dating, the same advice applies… it’s a great way to meet people you wouldn’t run into otherwise in your daily life. but don’t try to build a relationship online or over the phone… use that as a great, efficient way to meet lots of different people and figure out who you’d LIKE TO MEET in the real world – then go meet them and see how it clicks!

  22. DanAndJenn says

    @Ji99i3 i think you’re right on… meeting people in the “real world” is awesome because the’re no substitute for a real connection to another person, in person. BUT most people just don’t run into that many people in their daily lives… so online dating or chat lines like this just make sense – to get introduced to to people you might like to get to know – people you wouldn’t have met otherwise. 🙂

  23. DanAndJenn says

    @jaywilton18 hey Jay, sure meeting people in person is awesome, the problem is most people in their general lives don’t have the chance to meet that many people – so whehter online dating or phone dating, it’s great to be able to reach out from the regular group of people you see every day… just remember you’re not “dating online” or on the phone, you’re just meeting people you might LIKE to meet. 🙂 — D&J

  24. i guess im old fashioned, but getting out and meeting people is the way that makes sense to me. i dont really get the whole internet love fling thing but i guess it must work for some people, otherwise it wouldnt be so popular.

  25. DanAndJenn says

    Agreed – phone is a step up to meeting totally online, but we like to say that all of these are “introduction” services and you should meet in person as soon as you both feel comfortable.

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