Is DaddyP SEO expert or so-so expert?

SEO, Linky Love and Internetmarketing: 3 ways to increase your online traffic:

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  2. get noticed in the search engines: with $9.99 SEO techniques: that’s one cent less for permanent knowledge!
  3. get noticed everywhere: Internet Marketing the DaddyP way 🙂

1. Tip Linky Love’s TOPSPOTS 10$

Get your link online on the TOPspot!

Tip $10 here and Linky Love places your link instantly!

2. Get noticed in the search engines: SEO

The only way to get noticed in the search engines is when you rank number 1 or 2 or 3 or 4…

In order to do so your webpage needs to offer the best answer to what people are looking for in the search engine.

Content is king: but if I write my post in French and you only know English, then you will never rank high. Of course this is obvious.

But there are less obvious SEO techniques that when followed, boost your rankings.

You can follow my free SEO techniques at my Stay at home jobs blog, or you can speed up the process with one of these 3 ebooks:

  1. recommended: SEO techniques summarized: all you need to know and apply in 35 minutes. $9.99 only!
  2. SEO Video Training: it’s always more fun learning from a video, yet more pricey: $47
  3. SEO made easy: SEO software spying on your competition and making sure your site will do better. 😈 Evil SEO technology for $39.95. The same site offers a Guide to make high ROI microsites for only 19.95!

SEO is a proven way to get noticed through search engine ranking, let’s now tackle Internet Marketing.

3. Get noticed everywhere: Internet Marketing the DaddyP way 🙂

Internet Marketing has no guarantees: 1 time out of 10 it works, 1 time out of 100 it works big time and all the other times : just forget about it.

Of course if you are an experienced marketer: you can go on autopilot and start a campaign with a fair amount of success.

Yet if you are new in marketing: you need to try and see what happens.

An example: Agloco was a brilliant marketing stunt, yet a total waste of time when it comes to making money on the Internet.

Daddy P Members OnlyNow let’s have a look at the new campaign of DaddyP: the Daddy P Fan Club.

Daddy who?

Daddy P!

Yes: we are using the proven marketing technique of repetition to brand: Daddy P.

The rest is a dripping secret, so you should go and visit him yourself. But entrance is guaranteed if you use my secret password TUT.

  1. Leave your comment at the Daddy P Fan Club,
  2. add the secret password TUT and

you will be part of
the greatest Internet Marketing wave surpassing Agloco!


  1. Who or what is Agloco?

    I do hope that the email arrived safely – I really must talk to my staff – unfortunately, they don’t talk to me.

  2. @DaddyP

    exactly: what is agloco… yet they managed to get a lot of subscribers, we are talking huge numbers… but nobody knows for what actually…

  3. Yes content is king. We here that over and over. Please give us more content about seo

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