Interracial Dating: Relationships

Interracial Dating: Relationships


  1. luckyducky224 says

    Well said

  2. @QueinSiingah *just correcting you* but yeah, slavery ended more than a century ago, and people need to stop blaming people alive now for what their ancestors did.

  3. @QueinSiingah actually it was less than 140 years ago. the civil war that was fought over slavery was fought in the 1870’s

  4. sarahrain22 says

    Oh, I’m SO in love with you.

  5. BelizeansRpretty says

    I agree on everything you said. If everyone was honest with themselves, there’d be more love, and less hate.

  6. SuperQuitaboo says


  7. SexyJelloChick says

    cutiee much 🙂

  8. pynkdiamonds says

    You explained it better than anyone else ever. Great video and u are so cute!!

  9. MrEndlessly says

    you should talk about why gays act like a race..i mean its very confusing to me.

  10. QueinSiingah says

    Slave masters, slavery etc?
    UHHHHH gosh, do we have to go through
    that agin, aren’t people over that? It was about
    300 yeares ago.. And it is not like you AS AN INDVIDUAL
    took part in slavery. Don’t listen to them hun. Love has no colour

  11. krazykoko10 says

    ur a hottie

  12. AwsomeCuban says

    I date out of my race all the time lol And it’s awesome some people are just dumb go out on any race you like..I do that all the time

  13. CookieMonsterGF says

    man i wish more men like you lived in this world, ur clip was well said and i thank you b/c u give me hope X)

  14. JonNebula11 says

    at this era in time there is still oppressed mentality

  15. His last point is so true. Don’t bash your own ethnic group to justify you being with someone different. Your with that person, because you love them and leave it at that.

  16. your soo cute

  17. Thanks for this video.

  18. I have always believed that it takes a strong, intelligence and confident person to enter into a IR. Even in 2010 it is still considered taboo and you have to deal with ignorance. Love knows no color, love is much stronger and powerful than race. It seems with all of my relationships, IRs are the strongest because we choose to be together despite what the world thought or thinks. That’s love.

  19. I wish every kid of your generation (or at least 10 years under and over your age) should hear this. My daughter who’s African-American talks about how many black guys are attracted to white girls and that there is nothing out there for them, I tell her well, there are other races, you do not have to be limited to people who are not attracted to you. This is liberating for many, thanks and keep it up. Also, very coherent and well put. The point about history burdens a lot of black kids.

  20. racism is a sign of being lack of intelligence .ignore it. everyone is freakishly similar genetically , trust me , im a biologist

  21. dont let anyone get in the way of your love, remember jesus said to love your neighbor, it doesnt matter of the color of the skin but the content of the charachter. and history is the past its time for people to move on lol

  22. Liteweightchampion says

    I might be black, but you are still my brotha from another motha! Very well said man.

  23. Well Said 🙂

  24. Lifeinfullcolour14 says

    So coherently and well said. Well done and “keep doing what you do and loving whom you love”.

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