Internet Dating

Oh, the mistakes men make! Watch as dating consultant Jean Singer covers the basics of finding love online.


  1. cyberdating says

    Nicely done. We all have to lighten up a bit… It’s supposed to be fun.

  2. sexyblondeuk2012 says

    I’m a bit “late” on commenting, but very well done!

  3. affluence8 says

    Very GOod.

  4. Everyone’s missing the point here. Men may be clueless, but women are completely blind.

  5. To funny. HAHHAA!!
    Well that makes half the woman searching in the real-world ;)…

  6. Love it! Great talent! Jean has great insight and humor. Would love to see more of her work.

  7. blackmight says

    Cute… Finally a message women’s oblivion, BY a woman

  8. opheliecat says

    very good shows that sometimes men can be nice but give the wrong idea because they dont know how to act lost was very funny

  9. i love this.funny.witty and great

  10. notebookluvr says

    Very Entertaining!

  11. sam9999999999 says

    nicely done!

  12. hotasice3000 says

    make one for intermediates part2 that will be good

  13. Nice job. Create new video for intermediates

  14. sam9999999999 says

    well made!

  15. Clever & funny!

  16. The first comment: Super quality & story!

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