Do you want increased on line traffic above 20K each day?

increased online traffic


If you want increased on line traffic like Linky Love had in the picture above, you can do 2 things:



How did I get more web site traffic? Using free traffic techniques mostly based on increased search engine traffic: good old fashion SEO with a hint of SMO.

Be Aware!

With increased online traffic comes also:


  • huge extra earnings
  • massive bandwidth usage


Never go for cheap if you opt for more web traffic: cheap webhosts like Hostgator will show their through colours and suspend your account without further notice.


Been there, done that, with much less than 20.000 uniques! 🙁


Nothing worse than finally having huge website traffic and showing your visitors a "website suspended" page only.


Since then I changed to this affordable web hosting just to be prepared for your next increased on line traffic spike!