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To double your chance for winning the T-shirt Fracas has been rambling about.


If you win the T-shirt, good for you! If I win the T-Shirt I will give it away to the one who fueled my blog the most!

You just get 100% more chance to win a T-shirt,
so fuel me and click the vote button below!

Your blog is listed below and linked, because for the past two weeks, I’ve been voting for you over at Fuelmyblog.

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Why you need to know Fracas

If you don’t know Fracas then visit her and vote for her there!

Blatant stealing from Fracas

Why is Fracas so popular? Because she can write!

I unfortunately am not that gifted, but as a good student, I do know where to copy and paste what 🙂

So read on what Fracas has to say about why you should not only vote for me, but also for fracas!

Quick note for DaddyP

Why no mention DaddyP although you are the one getting me onto it in the
first place?

Because Fracas stole me away from you. How?

By giving me the information I needed spoon-fed!

If you want to become popular on the Internet , that’s exactly what you need to do: give the people what you want.

So next time somebody asks you a question like : how, what, why can I win a T-shirt? Don’t send them away to "the library" where they can go and read for themselves. Do what Fracas does: shove me the whole T-shirt answer in my face!

Thanks Fracas better next time DaddyP 🙂

How Fracas explains why she needs the T-shirt badly

And whoever fuels me the most, can have my T-shirt as well. Not the one I am wearing of course, but the one I will win at FuelMyBlog.

Here goes Fracas:

If your blog is listed here, please read this.

October 18, 2007

Your blog is listed below and linked, because for the past two weeks, I’ve been voting for you over at Fuelmyblog.

Big Deal. That’s what you might be thinking. Well, it kind of is, but only if you like getting something for free because someone out there liked your blog, you, or something about your blog.

The thing is, Fuelmyblog is a great place. Not only is it a great blog directory, it’s a great community of people, thanks to Kevin and Sylvie Dixie. It’s their baby. Well, not their only baby… they have live children too for heaven sakes.

So they’ve been running this contest in conjunction with snorgtees.com. For the month of October, all members have to do is create a post indicating that you’re entering the contest, link that post back to the Fuelmyblog blog, and tag the post with snorgtees.com. Then.. you have to go vote for the people you like, appreciate, or just plain would like to see in a free snorgtee. The thing is… when all is said and done on October 31st, the person getting the most votes will win $500, and 99 other people will receive a free shirt. It’s that easy.

So how do you fit in and why did I call you here with a trackback?

Because for the better part of two weeks (unless I just discovered you of course) if your blog is listed below, I’ve been voting for you daily trying to keep your blog on the top 100 list to help you get a free shirt. I’d like to think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised and that you’ll get warm and fuzzy feelings for Kevin and Sylvie’s baby. I’ve grown to rather like these folks, and want to do my part to make their contest a success.

Yes.. I’m trying to win the money, as are others. But the fact is, I’ve voted for you as close to daily as I can, and most of the blogs on the list below have not voted for me at all. I vote for you anyway. The idea that you’ll end up with a shirt and a good feeling because someone bothered to do that is something that makes me feel pretty neat.

So why did I post this?

Because many of you have not posted a post to say “I’m In” and without that post, Kevin and Sylvie won’t be able to award you with a shirt if you indeed, end up in that top 100 on October 31st. Please… take a moment to write a post and do that. I’d hate for you to win a shirt but not be able to claim it. There is also a weekly winner, chosen from all the entries based on how funny your post is. That person will automatically receive a shirt. Week 1 and 2 winners were Saskboy from Abandoned Stuff and Auntie Dar from Auntie Dar’s Life. I assure you, the contest is legitimate.

So pop over to the Fuelmyblog blog if you’d like to read the instructions from their site, and do consider writing that post. If you find my blog entertaining, informative or enjoyable in some way, I won’t complain if you vote for me. If you don’t, I’ll still be voting for you anyway. It’s my way of letting you know there’s something about your blog that I liked, and supporting Kevin and Sylvie by making a good effort at their contest is how I can be a good member of the Fuelmyblog community.

Thanks for reading. Please take part in Kevin and Sylvie’s venture. Honest to goodness… there isn’t another blog directory community that has made anyone feel more welcome than they. Jump in, meet the others and you won’t be sorry!

http://www.opendiary.com/blessedchica | http://girliegeek.wordpress.com/ | http://abandonedstuff.com/ | http://hoopyfrooddude.blogspot.com | http://chocolatetheotherwhitemeat.blogspot.com/ | http://blog.papersurfer.co.uk/blog | http://www.papersurfer.co.uk | http://www.sylvied.wordpress.com | http://homelessfamily.blogspot.com | http://artbysylvied.wordpress.com | http://diaryofa70steen.blogspot.com | http://darbeaudin.blogspot.com | http://www.darbeaudin.blogspot.com | http://jayleenb.wordpress.com | http://donna-justme.blogspot.com | http://olgathetravelingbra.blogspot.com | http://idothings.info | http://starkology.blogspot.com | http://misterwoppit.blogspot.com | http://nursemyra.wordpress.com | http://sugar-queens-dream.blogspot.com | http://bluepaintred.com | http://qtpies7.blogspot.com | http://www.bethumbed.com | http://antibarbie.net | http://skylark406.bravejournal.com | http://mycrayonbox.blogspot.com | http://thecanadiancurmudgeon.blogspot.com | http://randomplaceofmind.blogspot.com | http://www.eclectic-closet.blogspot.com | http://thedietpulpit.wordpress.com | http://www.benspark.com | http://santasmailbox.blogspot.com | http://allothercrap.blogspot.com | http://restoration.typepad.com | http://www.blogitude.com | http://letsnottalk.wordpress.com | http://hazel8500.wordpress.com | http://www.bobbarama.com | http://renalfailure.wordpress.com | http://thehungryghost.net | http://bizzflip.typepad.com | http://deathby1000papercuts.blogspot.com | http://redravine.wordpress.com | http://thomistic.blogspot.com | http://gullibility.blogspot.com | http://sleepingkittendancingdog.blogtoolkit.com | http://magicalplacesfineart.blogspot.com/ | http://afieldjournal.blogspot.com | http://laurawilliamsmusings.blogspot.com | http://imisound.wordpress.com | http://fuelmyblog.blogspot.com | http://www.papelustro.blogspot.com | http://ellereview.com | http://skywindows.wordpress.com | http://www.mydandelionpatch.com | http://lordlikely.blogspot.com | http://www.beadifulthings.blogspot.com | http://www.joeymoggie.wordpress.com | http://coolmomsrule.blogspot.com | http://harrymcfryinvestigates.blogspot.com | http://bluntbyname.blogspot.com | http://www.ailurophile.com/stuph | http://smartiesplace.blogspot.com | http://www.areyoumywife.com | http://kylemacd.blogspot.com | http://www.theshoppingduck.com | http://www.princesseecossaise.blogspot.com | http://www.thedutchfiles.com | http://www.guineapiggy.com | http://www.regularjen.com | http://www.crumpart.net/blog | http://mylittlestash.blogspot.com | http://thewonderofwords.blogspot.com | http://lovepoemslovequotes.blogspot.com | http://emmyrose.bravejournal.com | http://emmyrose1028.blogspot.com | http://www.emmyrose.com | http://www.desiduck.blogspot.com | http://malcolmcrowe.blogspot.com | http://www.confessionsofafrenchbulldog.blogspot.com | http://thyme2.typepad.com | http://scheduledchaos.blogspot.com/ | http://www.linkylove.net

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  1. The engagement is off!!!! I have been betrayed. Can no one see the truth out there?
    The only goddess never to betray me was, and is, the terrible Goddess. I should have known not to trust anyone else. It must have been a past mid-life crisis.

    [please note young Linky that your ‘French swear words blog is now on my blogroll – this is how kind I really am – I hope you feel ashamed]

  2. @DaddyP

    Breaking engagements can’t stop me to add you on my French blogroll as well 🙂 Linky Love just goes all the way!

    Best regards to your one and only true Goddess!

    And did you notice you are my top commentator? Way to go DaddyP!

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